Sample Education Paper on Empowering Teachers

Empowering Teachers

Teachers need to be empowered through provision of a better job as outlined by John Merrow. Currently, the definition of a better job rests on teachers’ unions. The unions attribute job satisfaction to the salary that teachers get, but this in itself does not solve the problem that teachers have. The best thing to do is to have a better salary, as well as create a favorable environment for teachers.

Secondly, teachers need training to acquire experience that is crucial to their career development. This will change the way the curriculum is applied in different schools in the country. Consequently, there is dire need to focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of teachers in class. Government has a responsibility to provide the necessary materials/resources that teachers need to conduct their day-to-day activities. Matching the necessary resources with appropriate training will lead to greater efficiency for teachers not only in the classroom but also outside the classroom.

Thirdly, motivation is central to good performance. Motivation comes in different forms that range from intrapersonal motivational to interpersonal motivation. Considering the issue of motivation, the government needs to apply the motivational theory to satisfy the needs of teachers. Depending on the level of needs that an individual has, the government should intervene and meet the needs. Unsatisfied needs leave teachers in a state of despair, which affects their service-delivery competence. On the other hand, teachers whose needs are met within the stipulated period perform well in classroom duties. Therefore, teacher’s empowerment is solely dependent on the government, which needs to take initiative to better the lives of teachers. This is the only way to empower teachers.