Sample Education Paper on My Path to Success


A personal evaluation has helped me to identify various factors that I need to consider in developing personal competency through the identification of barriers and providing solutions to the challenges identified. The potential barriers include factors such as time constraints, availability of resources and opportunities, and general uncertainty about life. The potential for success that I have is immense because of the continuous learning process that I have embraced to identify new areas of improving skills and knowledge about the things that I would like to achieve soon or in the far future. Overcoming the barriers is the first step to achieve greatness because they hinder progress and creativity, which are essential items for personal development.


The first barrier identified is time constraints. I have identified that it is not possible to have the luxury of time when planning to carry out initiatives that aim at improving personal development. Therefore, one of the most conspicuous barriers is time wasted because failure to perform particular initiatives, as early as possible, will affect the ability to achieve the desired outcomes. Timely execution of personal objectives will provide me with an opportunity to grow and meet the highest standards that I desire to achieve. Time waits for no one, which means that I need to focus on the proper execution of the ideas within a significant time limit to be able to enjoy success as early as possible.

The second barrier is general negativity about particular areas of personal development. The stereotype exists about particular goals in life such as the need to pursue higher levels of learning such as Ph.D. While other people will support the ultimate need for education, negative stereotypes exist on this personal development goal. If I focus on the negative side of initiatives that I have put in place, then I will experience major barriers towards achieving them. It is possible for negative stereotypes to bring unique perspectives of the need to achieve a particular goal because of the diverging ideas that different people have on the topic. Therefore, I should be able to put mechanisms in place to overcome the barriers and focus on achieving the desired outcomes.

Strategies to Overcome Barriers

The first strategy to overcome the barriers is believing in oneself. Being confident is an essential tool in overcoming barriers because if I cannot believe in what I am pursuing, nobody else will believe in me. I need to be self-motivated and ensure that I understand the benefits of the goals I want to achieve. Therefore, the specific goal that I need to be aware of is always having a positive attitude about my ideas. The second thing is the timely execution of ideas to ensure that what I am doing falls under the Smarter Measures that can be quantified using time variables. Timely execution of ideas leads to better outcomes because of avoiding unnecessary delays.

Third, overcoming negative stereotypes is important because of the need to ensure I overcome the barriers that people have set on my goals. It will be possible to overcome the barriers of negativity by adopting the fourth strategy that involves focusing on awareness and knowledge. It is important to be aware of each part of the goal that I need to achieve and this is achievable through learning for about three months to gather enough information. Ultimately, it will be possible to overcome the barriers through hard work and determination.


In conclusion, the model of execution that I have adopted to overcome the barriers involves the focus on time and knowledge about the personal goal. The approach will enable me to dispel any negative stereotypes related to the goals and it will be possible to measure the rate of success. The initiative will be to ensure that the growth process is continuous. Any barrier that will emerge during the process will need critical measures to overcome.