Sample English Essays 0n Alcohol Consumption

What Are Some Of The First Effects Of Drinking Alcohol? Were You Aware Of These Effects Before Accessing This Link?

The first effects of drinking alcohol include blurred or double vision, dehydration, and loss of memory. Notably, after taking alcohol, most of the contents are absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach and small intestines (Lerche). Additionally, the impacts are felt after ten minutes because the amount of alcohol in the body becomes higher than what the liver can break down. I was not aware of the extent of the damage alcohol can have on the body and that its effects vary with age, body size, and how often a person consumes it.

Why Do People Who Drink Too Much Sometimes Forget What Happened?

The brain, like other body organs, is highly susceptible to harm from excessive alcohol use. For example liquor sometimes makes consumers forget since alcohol impairs the functioning of the hippocampus and the related neural parts (Wetherill and Kim 927).  Additionally, alcohol impedes the movement of informative materials from the short to long-term memory by disrupting the hippocampal.

How Does Drinking Too Much Alcohol Affect Behavior?

Excessive alcohol consumption imbalances the impulsive and reflective systems of the brain; hence, it can lead to addiction. Moreover, too much of alcohol causes social and interpersonal challenges, reduced self-regard, poor self-care, and induces unplanned sexual behaviors that can promote sexually transmitted diseases (Merrill and Kate 105).

What Are The Signs That Someone Is Developing A Problem With Alcohol?

People who have taken too much alcohol for a long time also risk developing the substantial use of liquor disorder. Some of the signs of developing an alcohol problem include cravings and loss of control because of the inability to stop drinking alcohol (MedlinePlus). Additionally, an individual can experience the need to consume more alcohol to have the same feelings despite the negative impacts.

What Did You Learn From This Exercise?

Some of the lessons I have learned from the exercise include how alcohol consumption impairs one’s judgment and balance. High alcohol content in the body leads to the intoxication of the brain cells thereby, impairing memory. Additionally, excessive alcohol promotes interpersonal challenges and poor self-care.

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