Sample English Essays on Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs Nurture

Deviant behaviour refers to an action that seeks to violate the rules and regulations in place knowingly that such actions are not considered as rights among the community or cultural setting (Goode, 2016). Crime, just as deviant behaviours is acting against the set rules of law (Clinard & Meier, 2015). However, the difference between deviance and crime is that deviance is acting against the regulations set by the society while crime is an action that defies the regulations of the government. For instance, homosexuality has faced various criticisms regarding the moral values it violates as regard to the community teachings of different gender marriage as opposed to same-gender marriage. While homosexuality is deviant behaviour, it is not a criminal act. On the other hand, when someone kills another, their action is considered to have committed a criminal offence rather than a deviant behaviour. The action of killing, according to the law, is failing to respect and preserve the lives of another. Rather than consider an alternative approach to addressing the concern, killing should not be a consideration in addressing a disagreement.

In a case, Smith v. Commonwealth, Smith was brought to court for his sexually violent behaviour, which he expressed mainly to underage girls. He was labelled as a sexual predator considering his actions and his demonstration of violence when interacting with these children. During the hearing, it was determined that Smith had a deviant sexual interest mainly in adolescents (FindLaw, 2018). The development of this character, according to the judge would warrant Smith being held in a psychiatric institution for further assessment to determine the condition of his mind. During the investigation, it was determined that most of Smith’s victims were teenagers who had interacted with him at some time. As a result, this would mean that he had to lure them into his house or a place where he would either defile or rape them.



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