Sample English Essays on Position in Response to a Reading: “Cyberschools”

People spend a lot of time online and as a result, most of the everyday activities, like shopping, dating and also searching for services are performed online. Cyberschools give students an opportunity to learn and utilize their skills in everyday life. They create a better learning environment and provide a better education to prepare students to be successful later in life.

Cyberschools allow for education to take place because they are able to go through a topic until they understand it. Cyberschools provide a better learning environment by allowing students to learn at a pace they are comfortable with (Nadell, Langan & Comodromos, 2011, p. 282). When students do not understand, they are able to ask questions without fear of being ridiculed by other students. According to Neimiller (2009) peer pressure and bullying are major factors that drive students from public school and to cyber classes.

Cyberschools give room for students to be successful later in life because they have access to computers and new technology. The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School (n.d.) provides its students with the necessary resources, computers, printers, and high speed internet connection, to learn comfortably.These students are therefore able to learn the effective use of computers and carry out research which will prove beneficial in future. In traditional schools, students are unable to access computers or the necessary technology due to budget restrictions.

In conclusion, I believe that cyberschools provide students with with a better learning environment, while minimizing the problems that affect students in regular schools, like teachers striking, poor weather conditions or bullying. This allows them to attain their fullest potential and therefore become successful in life.



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