Sample English Essays on Self Management to realizing my goals

Sample English Essays on Self Management to realizing my goals

There are several areas of development that I am aiming to work on so that I can easily realize my goals in life.  I would like to minimize the amount of stress that I experience at work, become more flexible, maximize my listening skills, better communicate under stress, and become more creative. This essay provides the rationale for why I have chosen each of the five Areas to develop and what I hope to accomplish by improving in each of the five areas.

The main areas of development that I would like to improve include; listening skills, better communication under stress, time Management, self-management, and self-awareness.

Listening skills

I chose this topic because I have poor listening skills as it is evidenced from the time I take to respond to simple issues. My poor listening skills have caused me to lock horns with many people and to fail in completing some of my daily tasks, for instance, class assignments. The data that was collected in class clearly shows that I am a bad listener. I have a problem of interpreting things to coincide with the views that I already have and this has made effective communication to me almost impossible. I am unable to effectively communicate my concerns, values, interests, or needs in a clear way no matter how much effort I put in.

I hope to be a good listener and orator in future so that I can effectively communicate my concerns and values to others. This will help me in accomplishing my goals in life because I will be able to get what I want and need by listening to the values concerns and interests of others.


Time management

From the data that I have collected in the past few weeks, it is evident that I am a bad time manager and that is the main reason why I chose this topic. The problem has negatively influenced my academic and personal life for the reason that I cannot manage my time in an effective way in order to be successful. Firstly I am not organized and feel anxious and nervous all the time, this has had a negative effect on my general school life as it is reflected from my grades in the last exam. According to this I must change the way I deal with my time because of the negative effects and the problems that I have been faced with as a result of bad time management. Time management is the effective and efficient use of time to ensure that the most important things are tackled and sufficient time is left for unexpected emergencies and emergencies that may arise (Booyens 289). It is also a problem that is internal, the social environment also greatly contributes to the way a person plans his/her time.

I hope improving in time management will help me to effectively divide my time and thus able to accomplish my duties in the near future.

Self management

I chose this topic because I am always late for and have on several occasions missed the train to school due to bad time management. I rush from one place to another for the reason that I am always late when changing from one thing to another. I am always the last one to submit my assignments and even exam papers when we have been given sit in exams. This is as a result of bad preparation of time and last minute tackling of assignments.

I hope that improving on this area will help me to organize myself in order to realize my goals in life without much struggle. It will help me in ignoring distractions that prevent me from effectively doing my work so as to remain with enough time. It will also help me to discover some aspects in myself that I am yet to discover because of the limited time that I have due to bad self management. I hope that improving in time management will help me to improve in my school work and get good grades which take my dream career.


Better communication under stress

I chose this topic for the reason that I regularly encounter stress which negatively affects my communication skills. Stress has also been beneficial to me because it helps me to satisfy my need for stimulation, promote my personal growth, and provide me with the tools to cope with, and be less affected by negative distractions in life. Too often people see themselves as being stressed, at the end of their rope, or just simply not in control of what is occurring in their life and thus end up encountering many problems. At this point, it is imperative to seek out positive and productive contrivance to manage stress by seeking the positivity of a situation a person which makes one to gain comfort from the situation and realize his/her goals without much obstacles.

I hope to improve in my communication skills and become and good orator even if I am faced with extreme circumstances, for instance, stress. I am always faced with stress when I am tasked with accomplishing simple tasks like taking and exam and this affects my communications skills. Improving in handling stress during extreme circumstances will help me to improve in my communication skills thus easily tackle things which will help me realize my goals.

Self awareness

Self-awareness is an individual’s ability to assess evaluations of the self and discover more about his/her strengths and other aspects of life that are a hindrance towards the realization of their goals. I chose this topic because the difficulties that I encounter in trying to assess myself evaluations and the obstacles that I encounter in doing so. All individuals have an inherent need for personal growth, which comes through the process called self-actualization. I have found it difficult to effectively interact with people around me and make friends whom I can share my views and concerns with. This is because I have the feelings of inadequacy and I cannot perceive thoughts and things that affect me and those people who are around me.

I hope to improve in my social and managerial skills so that I can be able to effectively interact with both my seniors and juniors in future. I dream of becoming a manager in future and this can only be achieved if I become aware of myself. Acquiring self-awareness as a manager is very essential in the business environment because it helps the manager to stand out amongst his/her peers and thus makes the work of management to be easy. People who can assess their strengths and accept their weaknesses without much problems end up making good managers. Self-awareness adds value to an organization’s success because it makes the company to have I competitive advantage over others. Developing in these five areas will be crucial to me because they have been my weaknesses which have been acting as a barrier toward the realization of my goals.

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