Sample English Essays on The Fight Against Poverty

Comparative Review 15 points & Peer Review (2 points) A Comparative Review is an essay to compare two subjects or perspectives of the same issue, and in the case of this course, you are asked to compare two different positions/perspectives of the issue of your choice or the choice of the whole class. No personal views, but just comparison of the two positions. The basis for comparison: a. Claims of Each Perspective: What each viewpoint says about the situation b. Benefits/Strengths of Each Viewpoint c. Challenges to each viewpoint d. Consensus, if any, between the two perspectives You can use other countries to support and/or contradict claims made by each viewpoint b-d: you can structure them in the way you like. Length of the Essay: 1,000 words or longer, content only, excluding all other elements, for example, Works Cited Page Format: MLA The number of sources/references required: 6 or more Two revisions required. Grading: Introduction (2); Body Paragraphs (9); Conclusion (1); Format-MLA (3) Points will be taken off from a shorter paper The Structure of the Essay: all claims/ideas should be supported with legitimate sources, and in- text citations should be provided. No Wikipedia, opinion pieces of newspapers, or blogs. If you are not sure, find sources in the library or get help from librarians or check with me. Introduction: • Start Introduction by describing the issue with the background information in 3-4 sentences. • As part of your thesis in the comparative review or analysis, state how the two perspectives related to one another. For example, is there any consensus in the two perspectives, or is there any room for compromise in the views, or something notable? • At the end of Introduction, state ways to organize the body paragraphs of the paper. a text-by-text comparison, a point-by-point comparison, or combination of the two, especially when there is room for compromise or consensus Body: three or more paragraphs One paragraph, typically the last Body Paragraph, should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both perspectives. Conclusion: Give an overview of the essay.