Sample English Essays on The Value of Life

Mary Robinson’s personal story

Mary Robinson was born in 1986 in Orlando city in Florida. Her parents’ John Dale and Ann Smith were ordinary African American farmers. They were staunch Baptists; her father an elder of the church. Mary and her siblings, brother Lionel and sister Jeanne attended Pinewood elementary school. She attended Philips high school. She then joined Florida technical college where she majored in social work.  In her yearly years, Mary the youngest in the family, was known as the tomboy in their neighborhood. She played and fought mostly with boys. She became a livery, cheerful and obedient girl and began to take church matters seriously.

But when in college something happened that changed Mary’s life. Her parents were involved in a serious accident. Her mother died while father was to remain crippled for of rest of his life. Then his brother was diagnosed with brain cancer soon after. Her sister joined a gang of drug peddlers.  Mary’s life changed in her last year in college she suffered depression and had to be treated by a psychiatrist. Martin, their uncle helped her and father. The pastor of Baptist church reverend Malcolm employed her as a receptionist in his office. Her hope in life restored, Mary faith in God increased. She volunteered to teach on Sunday school. She tended flowers and sometimes cleaned the pastors’ car.

One day as Mary was crossing the office Harvey a young handsome African America who was neighbor in pinewood, gave her a date. After dating for some months, they married. But their marriage was short live. Harvey got a stray bullet in his head from a policeman’s gun. However, God has plans for everyone. Mary decided to move from Everglade estate to Orlando suburb. Here she found her peace of mind. Trees and flowers were everywhere; the air was fresh and noise bearable. Here she would meditate, think about serious issues in life. She had once thought of orphans-young poor African American and colored children. She wanted to help the orphans. She wanted to give back to society what she had got. She wanted to thank God for what he had done to her.

By good luck Mary got a job in the nearby west point hospital as a social worker. It was here where she met Juliet her college mate. With their own saving and contributions from well-wishers they started west point orphanage. Initially they had six children, two boys and four girls. Local Opinion leaders and local politician Billy Williams gave them funds. They rented an old bungalow. After repairing they now had fifty children in their orphanage. One morning someone knocked on her door, a rare thing. It was her sister Jeanne whom she had not seen for many years. They hugged, kissed and cried tears of joy. Jeanne had decided to quit drugs and was now dating a Nigerian man. Mary could not have been happier. To her 30 years of life had not been in vain. She now had a good job-what she enjoyed doing. And she was mother to many children. Children, who now had hope, had been given a second chance in life. Her sister was now a changed person. Now Mary could walk confidently, her head held high and a song of hope in her lips.  Her life was a true reflection of optimism, appreciation and a positive attitude in life.


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