Sample English Paper on 6 things you should know about modern cooler bags

The idea of cooler bags is an old concept. Over the years new designs and functions have emerged prompting new ways of carrying and keeping contents inside a cooler bag either hot or cold as intended.
We have come a long way from the days of carrying bulky and clunky ice in a huge and rigid ice chest to keep contents cold when going out to the beach or park. Whereas the old cooler box designs are still popular, available and somewhat convenient, they are not modern.
The following are the modern transformations that make the cooler bag a better alternative to a standard ice chest.
1. Cooler bags use a different method of insulation
The standard ice chest uses styrofoam to prevent the transfer of heat between the inside and the outside of the cooler. This is because Styrofoam is considered an economic insulator that is also lightweight. But the greatest drawback, however, is that Styrofoam is rigid and bulky. The protective cover further adds more weight and bulk to the cooler.
The stark contrast compared to cooler bags is in the materials used. Cooler bags rely on a layer of foil and polyurethane foam to keep its content hot or cold. Polyurethane foam prevents heat exchange and is more flexible and less bulky than styrofoam. Cooler bags have a layer of polyurethane foam sandwiched between an inner layer of foil and a heavy outer fabric (preferably polyester).
2. Cooler bags come in different shapes and sizes
Cooler bags are flexible and ice chests are rigid. Cooler bags are manufactured to take different shapes and sizes. You can have a bag that is the perfect fit for professionals and students to carry lunch or you can opt to buy a cooler bag big enough and ideal for an entire day of meals. A cooler bag, therefore, offers more options in size and convenience than a standard ice chest.
3. A variety of features
A cooler bag adopts the same functionalities as a regular bag. The features include different compartments to store different personal items like the water bottle or keys. Special features include comfortable shoulder straps to carry small and medium-sized cooler bags. Large cooler bags are ideal in situations where food is to be stored and consumed for more than a day or two. They have wheels and handles that make it easy to move around.
4. It is the ideal gift when used as a promotional cooler bag
Cooler bags are known as custom coolers because they can be customized to suit user preference. Organizations that want to carry longer promotional campaigns can use cooler bags as gifts to carry their promotional messages. This gives your customers a long and positive impression of your company. Cooler bags are durable and can carry a brand message and logo that promotes your organization for many years. This reminds and assures your customers of the existence of your business.
5. You should never use ice cubes/blocks with cooler bags
Occasionally, if you are using the standard ice chest, you will need to fill it with ice blocks if you want to keep your contents chilled for longer. But this is not the case when using a modern cooler bag. The inner foil of your cooler bag is sensitive and should be protected. Ice cubes can puncture or tear the foil making it lose its insulation properties.
Instead, you can use self-contained ice packs to keep your contents cool. Self-contained ice packs are safe and less messy.
6. Cooler bags are suave and stylish
Cooler bags are in season all year round. They are not limited by time or weather and therefore are functional bags that will serve you on every occasion. Because of this, manufacturers make cooler bags to be suave and stylish to compliment you on your adventures. Cooler bags come in different colors too which make it easy for most businesses to find a color that brings out their logo.
There are many reasons why you should buy a cooler bag today. They are known to be hardy and versatile, features that make them be eco-friendly. Customers are becoming environmentally aware and they tend to lean towards brands that care for the environment.