Sample English Paper on A Cover Letter

Cover Letter


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Aging Service Department

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Aging Services hiring committee



Following the recent advertisement by your firm, I am applying for the post mentioned above in your reputable organization. I believe that my ambitions and long term goals tally with your organization’s vision. Besides, the fact that your organization cares about its employees and their families. I also wish to work for your company so as to gain a substantial professional and individual growth. This would be possible because of the wealth of opportunities that your firm provides. I learned this after going through your company portfolio.

I will be a recipient of a master’s degree in business management in May 2017. I am the top grandaunt in my class I intend to add value to your organization through my exceptional analytical skills, top notch professionalism, proper time management, qualified peer counseling, my flexible nature, effective communication pattern proficient use of Microsoft, power point and excel. Moreover, my zeal to learn and grow professionally will be crucial for the growth of your company. Also, I am passionate about working with the elderly and in an engaging environment.

I began as a volunteer and later became an intern with Department of Human Protective Service and Adult Protective Service; DHS APS. For this reason, I will be excited to take up this new challenge, and I believe it will be an exciting experience to work with the elderly who seemingly have much wisdom. Working with the elderly had been part of childhood wishes, and I used to visit elderly in their home just to gain more understanding of their knowledge and life experience.

I will be grateful if granted opportunity to get to learn, grow and serve in your esteemed organization. I am available on the contacts provided on my resume. Attached to this is my resume for your review



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