Sample English Paper on Amy Cuddy

Amy Cuddy

In the video, Cuddy outlines the importance of body language, including posture, facial expressions, and other non-verbal communications in a person’s life, the effectiveness of social relationships, and success of communications. Non-verbal communications have significant influences on others and ourselves, in terms of our thoughts, physiology, and feelings. By adopting non-verbal behaviors that involve confidence and focus on taking up the available space in an environment, including spreading out, adopting an upright posture, and interacting intensively in social relationships, the individual obtains advantages in personal power and effective influence over the environment. This means that an individual’s ability and influence over the environment shows in his/her non-verbal behavior.

When the individual feels confident and powerful in the environment, he/she adopts big and domineering non-verbal communication behaviors that portray feelings and attitudes of power, such as raising hands, stretching out, and generally “opening up”. In contrast, lack of confidence and power shown in people’s tendency to “close up” through adoptions of timid and passive non-verbal behavior, such as avoiding others, showing an inferiority complex, and exhibiting opposite behavior. Cuddy observes that these behaviors relate closely with individuals’ extents and effectiveness of participating in the social environment.

From the video, I have learned that bodies and minds have mutual effects on one another. The video motivated my realization that by adopting an assertive, confident, and optimistic approach, I can influence success, power, and effective ability in my life and that of others. Assertive and optimistic individuals incline towards takingextra risks in the environment, extending their control over the environment, and the scope of their influence. The lesson from Cuddy is that I should adopt a confident, intensive, and active personal approach in social environments to achieve success and positive influence on both others and myself. Through such a personality, I can assure and extend my potential to succeed in my objectives and in influencing others.