Sample English Paper on Gay Marriage

Sample English Paper on Gay Marriage

The opponents of gay marriages have put forward a convincing argument on why gay marriages should be illegal in California. In the case of Hyde V Hyde, marriage is a voluntary union for life, between one man and one woman. Throughout the history, marriage has been known to be a fundamental institution in the society (Cherlin 850). It creates a platform in which men and women interact  in the society.  All the main religions of the world treat marriage as  sacred ritual which forms a basis for spiritual completeness to both the man and the woman. Marriage is aimed at the companionship and procreation, as stated in the book of Genesis in the Bible. Legalizing gay marriage will, therefore, defeat the purpose of marriage, as gay couples cannot bear children.


Gay marriages provide unhealthy environment for the children. Men and women have different value system.  Children in gay marriage miss the chance of interacting with both male and female parent. For example, women are naturally caring and gentle while men believe in ethics of justice (Cherlin 855). It is a right of the child to be exposed on different values, and be allowed to make a choice. A mother, for instance, is in a better position than a father is, in giving an advice to her teenage daughter on how to cope with life and such issues as avoiding instances of early pregnancy.


Opponents of gay marriages, further argue that   gay marriages will undermine the institution of marriage. It is a common knowledge that the institution of marriage is facing challenges such as an increasing rate of divorce cases (Cherlin 855). Legalizing gay marriage will therefore worsen the situation. Additionally, marriage has been reduced to the interests of the adults and not children. Allowance of gay marriages is sufficient evidence that people are becoming more selfish without considering the interests of the future generation. When the institution of marriage crumbles down there will be no society, as marriage is the basic unit which constructs it.


The opponents of gay marriage argue that homosexuality is immoral and stands against the natural status of being. Gay marriages go against the law of nature. As stoic school of thought explains, there is a higher law, which is immutable and cannot be changed, as it is eternal (Carpenter & Gary 580). Any law that is inconsistent with the divine law is null. The senate and the people cannot change this higher law. Marriage is sacred and divine and any person deviating from its natural setting is in contradiction with the higher law. Human beings by nature have the power of reason, which makes them chose between what is right or wrong. Gay people are aware that what they believe in is wrong but they go ahead to do it (Cherlin 858). Opponents of gay marriages also argue that gay couples can be given rights just as heterosexual marriages but the definition of marriage should not be altered.


In conclusion, there has been a lot of debate going on in California amongst the proponents and opponents of gay marriages. The opponent who mainly consists of religious groups has provided sufficient evidence based on history of marriage and its sanctity. Both the Koran and the Bible state that marriage should be between a biological woman and a man. The main purpose of marriage is for pro-creation. It is indisputable that if gay marriages are allowed, there will be no future generation



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