Sample English Paper on Genetically Modified Foods

In its immediate context, genetically modified foods are the foods that have been got from the plants and animals whose genetic makeup has been altered with. The makeup has been altered with the main of making them better for consumption and more so increasing the productivity of the crops yield for the sake of increasing the volume that one can get from the crop (Smyth, Stuart, David, and Peter 343). To this end, there has been quite a lot of improvement that has been seen in the crop yield since the inception of the art and science of altering the makeup of the various crops. Advertisements, it is also important to note that there are several side effects that come with the consumption of such foods that we must be made known to and consequently be aware of ( Heasman, Michael, and Julian 489). Several health organizations have in most cases argued over the issues that surround the benefits and adverse effects that come with it. The weighing of the options to this stance has considerably created an ambiance of discussion on whether the GMO has brought more harm than good or not. This paper is deemed to critically discuss the various advantages and disadvantages that come with the inception of the science of modifying the foods we eat (Sandler, 544). The health aspects of GMOs are discussed; the environmental aspect and even the increase in food production are explicated in this paper.

In the positive stance, it is believed that the genetically modified plants are resistant to various infestations of pests and diseases, a notion that has been validated to the fact that most prevalent pests like aphids that attack various crops no longer attack the GMO for the reason that their biological makeup has been altered within such a way that they are not being seen as food anymore to the pests. This has prompted the development of GMOs to the extent that almost 60% of the foods that are in the various markets especially USA markets to be GM foods. Another advantage pegged to this stance is the fact that the biological alteration of the crops increases the crop yield (Sandler, 141). For example, the normal orange would weigh around 500 grams; with the inception of the GM, the weight would increase to almost one kilogram after the alteration. This in itself has brought much increase in the food products which has again escalated the introduction of the foods into our market. To this effect, it is quite imperative to acknowledge the fact that GM food has extensively been used as a tool to combat hunger in several parts of the country by increasing productivity in such countries. This in 0essence has put GM food at an upper scale of significance because it gives relief to the most daunting problem that has been terrorizing the globe (Heasman, Michael, and Julian 756).

Research shows that GM foods will take a toll on the various markets because the foods are of –superior quality to ordinary foods. This is because they have been tailored biologically to serve the sole purpose of bringing forth the best quality of the [plants and animals. for this matter, they tend to be more appealing to the buyers were consumers. This has escalated their demand and hence their sales in the various markets around. For the fact that these foods have high demand, the producers of such foods tend to supply more of them in order to suffice the notch higher demand that is posed in the various markets (Sandler, 234).

Even as this happens, there exist various protagonists that tend to really refute this notion and come out strongly to detest the fact that GMO is the way to go. They on the contrary try to bring the pertinent issues that one should know about GM foods before indulging in the consumption of such foods. The AGM foods have proved to have very many health problems when consumed, the chemicals that are used in the alterations of the biological makeup of these foods are in essence the quite detrimental to the health of human beings ( Sandler, 781). Recent research done by the health department of the CIA shows that the star link corn found in the various stores in the states were meant for pig consumption and yet these foods have found themselves in the market and being sold to humans. The numerous cancer patients that have thronged the hospitals are increasing every day because of the increased consumption of GM foods. This has prompted the world health organization to draw up very strict rules and regulations on the production of these foods. The laws are deemed to protect the individuals from the adverse effects that come with the consumption of GM foods ( Heasman, Michael, and Julian,451)

In a nutshell, the production of GM foods has proven beyond to be more efficient and more agriculturally economical than natural foods. The gesture it has received all over the world is quite encouraging and sarcastic at the same time. In as much as we want to bring down hunger, it is quite vital to check on our health too lest we solve a problem by creating a major problem as well.




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