Sample English Paper on Students Learning Processes

Direct Quote 1: The first quote that l selected was, “Project-based learning is one of the most student motivating approaches I have ever used” (Tobias, Campbell and Greco 39).

Direct Quote 2: The second quote that fascinated me was, “Critical thinking and the cultivation of intellectual dispositions are key elements to be considered in designing a project” (Tobias, Campbell and Greco 44).

The first quote illustrates one of the most useful techniques in teaching children as explored in this reading. This article shows that children just like adults learn through different processes. When students learn through project-based approaches, they absorb more information because these approaches encompasses use of hands-on methods. This article shows how project-based learning allows students to involve their gross and fine motor in learning in the learning and how these processes provides students with a higher likelihood of remembering what they were taught in class as opposed to the use of normal listen and learn lectures.

This reading improved my understanding of children and the need for incorporating different learning methods for them. For instance, using the critical thinking approach, students are able to develop these skills at a young age. This article also outlines how students use their critical thinking process to learn more about music by discussing critical issues in their school music website.

The most interesting thing about this reading is its ability to explain the different ways through which students learn by using project-based methods and critical thinking approaches. It also shows the importance of cultivating critical thinking and intellectual dispositions while teaching students. In the case of teachers, when considering how they want students to analyze an assignment ensuring that the assignment aims at making the students use their critical thinking abilities is important. Developing critical thinking at a younger age promotes the development of a child and the kind of person or leader they will be in the future.



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