Sample English Paper on The Internet should be a Right, not a Luxury

Sample English Paper on The Internet should be a Right, not a Luxury


There have been different controversial debates on the subject meant to clarify the internet as a right for every human being, rather than a luxury. The internet has revolutionized the communication system to a different new level that has never been seen before. In the early years during the start of computer invention, the technology at that time was limited to serve a small portion of people within a given geographic coverage. The introduction of the internet has changed all of this. It has made it possible for a comprehensive broadcast capability, a mode for disseminating information and a medium for interaction with no regard to the geographic location. In this period, it seems like every person is linked to the internet, with a little fraction of individuals not connected. Most of this group that is not connected tends to be older, poorer or at times less educated compared to those related to the internet. As such, the internet may be referred to as a fundamental right, not a luxury as is discussed below

Development of the Internet in the Recent Century

The development of an idea of the web was intended to create a network system that could be independent for different users to access freely. The mode of life has changed drastically, for the better, which is attributed to the progression of technology. The standard form of communication in the early 20th Century was through the magazines, and all information of the outside world was in the newspapers. It is true to state that the introduction of the internet has been a defining moment and revolutionary to the growth of the 21st century (Curran, 887). There is a record of more than 2 billion users of the web worldwide.

At the beginning after the invention of the internet, it was regarded as a luxury since the greater population saw no need for it. In the present generation, most activities are conducted at the comfort of a person’s home (Curran, 883). Although some part of using the internet is regarded as a luxury, the truth of the matter is we need it. This makes it a necessary need or right for everyone to access it and in the process improves the livelihood.

Impact/Use of the Internet

Currently, there is an active generation feature of people who use the internet for almost everything in their daily lives. Nearly all tools and necessary requirements are accessible through our technology and internet, which did not exist before. There are proportions of frequent internet users especially the younger generation, and the number is expected to go even higher considering the dominant generation is comprised of the new generation. Nearly all fields have been translated online, which is preferably by a significant number of people who benefit from easy access (Okonkwo 305). A different area has adapted use of internet in providing their services to the general population.

The internet has improved communication and relaying information from people in different geographical coverage. The electronic mail has made it possible for companies, individuals to send quick data. Additionally, it is cheaper that physical delivery of the message. The banking system has introduced online banking in which their clients can access their accounts through the phone. Putting this into perspective, using this form of the platform can be regarded as partly luxurious. It has made work much simpler; there is no need to physically visiting the bank given that it is simple to operate at a person’s own comfort. However, the main issue should not be coated with luxury, given that the internet has taken us to a new level of technological advancement.

The education sector has also embraced the use of internet considering the electronic learning platforms that are accessible worldwide. Gone is the era where the core way of getting a quality education was done in a classroom, and physically accessing the library for more information. The electronic learning platforms are well equipped and perform the same as that where students attend classes physically. The more the students from different regions are interested in learning certain skills from distant institutions, the easier it is in promoting distance-learning programs. Virtual distance learning enables persons to access the type of expertise and education necessary from any system from their own comfort. Additionally, such programs have an electronic library resource that is readily accessible to the students. One advantage obtained here is that students are able to learn at their own pace, giving a chance even to those students deemed slow learners to keep up with their schoolwork. Moreover, it is easy to access educational data for those students who learn in the classrooms or lecture hall in schools.

There are drastic changes in the health care organizations with many trying to keep up with the evolutionary upgrades. The heath sector aims at providing quality health services to their patients, and above all protects life. In order to achieve this, there is need to maintain a high level of competence, precision and patient’s well-being that is achievable through keeping a real-time observation of their patient’s data. The introduction of electronic health records in the health facilities has provided the nurses and other medical practitioners with an ability to observe their patients. Furthermore, the ready availability of the patient’s information in the system has made it possible for health professionals to accurately run a diagnostic and provide the necessary recommendations. The introduction of the internet to health facilities has to save a life and improves service as compared to the early years. At some point, it may be considered that the web has more to offer compared to the natural part that is pinned on it.

Another field that has been revolutionized by internet coverage is the business or marketing field. Initially, the only way of selling or buying a product required physically visiting an area to obtain the given product. The introduction of the internet has provided platforms for marketing different ranges of products that are readily accessible through the computers and phones. It has improved the competition in the market and given the buyers with a variety of goods that fit their description. It is luxurious to order a product to whatever place simply by use of the phone, but also is becoming a necessity given the changes and advancement in the technology.

Additionally, the government has also embraced the use of the internet in conducting national elections. It is the most recommended and trusted form used to carry out elections in most nations, despite its vulnerability to being tampered with. Most countries currently are embracing the utilization of the internet to relay information during elections. In addition, the government has adopted the use of internet in carrying out the day-to-day activities concerning the management of the country. This is just but an example of the widespread of the web in the different institutions charged with providing a healthy environment for their people.

Future estimation of the influence of the internet

The internet has improved nearly all fields of people’s lives that make it a necessity in order to keep up with the changes and improve livelihood. In the near future, it is estimated that everything will be run electronically. All transactions will involve internet connection, given the rate of promotion that the developed countries are using to integrate the developing countries to adopt internet use. Some of the developed countries including the US are advocating free internet access services to everyone. It has been recognized that the livelihood of people rotates around the web. Provision of free internet services creates an opportunity for the less fortunate in the society to access services in order to improve their livelihoods.

Based on the above illustration, it is then possible to assume that the internet is not just a form of luxury but a necessary right. Everybody should be given an opportunity to access internet coverage especially in this generation where revolution is developing continuously. For this matter, it is no longer necessary to classify the internet as a luxury; rather it should be considered for the numerous contributions people get from it.



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