Sample English Self-Reflection Paper

Sample English Self-Reflection Paper

My first exposure to the class was quite negative since I thought it was complicated and humorless. However, after attending some of the lessons, I started to look forward to the sessions. This is because, apart from the wittiness, attending the classes, especially the philosophy class, has been of great benefit to me. It has been an opportunity to converse with great philosophers and fellow classmates who had shared interests in the relevance of the study. In addition, it offered me the opportunity to understand critical thinking, systematic reasoning, among other topics covered. Furthermore, the class has enabled me prepare adequately for the entrance exams that is essential for business. This is attributed to the fact that philosophy offers foundational breakdown between math and verbal skills through logic and critical thinking, writing and discussions. This is a useful combination for majority of the professions (McNeese State University). I am certain that through the preparation, I can pass most of the elementary examinations and advance to higher levels.

I have realized that the concepts I am presently equipped with can be applied in all fields. For instance, critical thinking skills that I acquired in this semester’s studies has enabled me reflect on big questions in life, politics, and even in religion. By attending the classes, I have come to realize that the lesson was a combination of skills and questions with the expectation for finding answers.

Due to the classes I attended, I began to appreciate the fact that individual lives and personal imaginations are defined by the embryonic perceptions and unanswered matters in the 20th century. I value the way that critical thinking and inductive reasoning illustrates challenges that derive multiple solutions. In addition to this, I have to identify numerous approaches to problems in different perspectives. By applying the acquitted skills into life, I have come to appreciate that philosophy is not simply a collection of facts for recollection. I need to appreciate that the study entails methodological approach to critical thinking and problem solving. Numerous professionals apply this greatly, which translates to higher performance on the normal tests taken for college admission and in the professional world.  Through the lessons, I embrace the mysteries of existence and reality by discovering the nature of truth and the significance of life.

After attending the classes, I can shed light on what I believe, be stimulated to think about queries in life and the value of thoughts in my life as well as appraise the contributions of great scientists in this field. In general, the classes have a great influence on my daily lifestyle. This is through the language that I speak and the action I take (McNeese State University). In addition, from the classes I have attended so far, I realize that every institution is founded on philosophic ideas, regardless of the category of the institution. For instance, through the philosophical concepts, I have come to realize the kind of lessons and classes students of different levels are supposed to partake. As a citizen, I started to appreciate the need to apply my democratic ideas in thinking and in making of choices. Therefore, within the academic institution alone, the values and skills borrowed from the classes define the philosophic ideas in the society. Students, who receive a degree in philosophy, later become leaders of thoughts in their communities.

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