Sample Environmental Studies Paper on Amazon Rainforest

Marco thinks that the Amazon Rainforest is an important part of the environment, but at the same time destroys it due to lack of knowledge on how to maintain it. He lacks adequate knowledge on environmental conservation practices which causes him to contribute to the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest.

When the Amazon Rainforest is destroyed there are very many negative effects that are experienced. Most importantly there are natural trees and herbs that can be used to treat many diseases for example hypertension. If they are destroyed most of these herbs will be extinct and this natural medicine will disappear.

The Amazon is a home to many different species of wild animals most of which are almost extinct. The Anaconda, the great anteater and many other animals co-exist here. If it is destroyed all this animals become displaced and lose their habitat.

Deforestation is the second highest carbon producer in the world. With the Amazon Rainforest being the mightiest landscape its deforestation will cause such a great destruction to the environment and especially to the atmosphere.

Forests attract rainfall which is quite beneficial to not only the forest itself but to others. Most people around the Rainforest like Marco practice agriculture and hence the rain will be an added advantage to their farming.

Tree roots hold soil particles together and they also add the required nutrients to the soil. When the trees in the Amazon Rainforest are destroyed soil erosion will be uncontrolled and the land will be left bare. This is a great risk to take.

If the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest continues there will be numerous effects most being loses to both the people and the animals that live there. It will also cost a great deal to the environment since the Amazon Rainforest contributes greatly to environmental conservation.

Marco counts himself as a one to gain with the Amazon’s destruction since there will be more land for him to cultivate soybeans and gain profit. But in the long run it will be a loss since there will be changes in weather patterns that will not favor any agricultural practices.