Sample Environmental Studies Paper on The Youth Global Climate Strike

A nation that is at war with its young people is a nation that has no future. We need to have a nation or nations that we can fight and defend, but what shall be worth the sweat if all is lost today? For what shall we bestow upon the younger generation or teach them if the older ones, are the culprits of what shall be a world worse than we found it? They say with age comes experience, and with experience comes wisdom, but what is the wisdom behind corrupting the younger generation a life better than you found it? What matters to you, wealth in all its form or a legacy to guide and uphold and correct the moral compass as in regard to being environmental considerate, not for us but for the human race? It’s not that we don’t see it, but we have misplaced priorities, the reason why despite various forums held to help in understanding this calamity at hand we have youths on our streets protesting saying enough is enough, why?


The effects of climate change are immense and have no doubt have negative effect to the human race, but what is scary than having or living in a world that is dead? How much more can we take? Do we care about our future? Do we care that it can rob us of years of great adventures life has to offer? This were the concerns of Greta Thunberg, and where are our leaders and what are they doing? It takes more than holding meeting to get the job done, the reason she holds leaders accountable and as if that is not enough tens of thousands of her kind also join and say enough is enough. If we do not fight for ourselves who will? Yes, we are young, but our voices are loud and thanks to the power of social media that influences 112 other countries to join in and do this for our future sakes. The world is more about the living, for without each other, why should we even live? We want them, our leaders, to be out of their cozy offices and work for the greater good. That is what the strike is all about, us, and our future.

As if that was not enough, on march 24th 2019, at least 1.6 million strikers on all seven continents, in 125 countries and in well over 2,000 places reported which plans further strikes. What does this mean, that the war is not close to being a close until we have reasonable evidence that something is being done to avert this calamity for the greater good, why? Because we want the generation and generation of the then generation to be proud of the works and legacy of their predecessors toward a health and environmental green society. That we have no longer to look over our backs and curse or hate since it does nobody any good lamenting over spilled milk. However, until its done, we have a duty as the human race to preserve and make even better efforts to making life meaningful and productive. This is not a cry or fight of the weak nor for our families and relatives, but for us to enjoy and be glad that we had the opportunity. It’s enough to die and live a legacy, but it is shameful to die and leave more problems and troubles. This is just the awakening if a lion that lay asleep but has enough of the hyena crossing boundaries.

Jean-Claude Junker, president of the European commission committed one trillion Euros towards climate change between 2021-2027. This shows just how much of a threat this is and can be if people around the world come together through global villages, in a quest to find more answers to questions never asked. The young activists are not relenting, reason governments are misdirecting us and others to the fact that they ought to be in school learning, but a challenge is posed, what is the fact of going back to a broken home? We all have a duty to conserve and defend what is and shall be revolutionary. Governments are now alert as the ball is not set to bounce on their side and see how fast they will respond. Pressure will mount on them towards transparency and action. It will see the rise and fall of leaders. We need solutions that are sustainable, not for a while, but for generations and generations. Leaders will be called to account of actions taken as part of their agreement on climate change a conference that saw dignitaries attend and call for fast track of the same. Leaders will use this as a wakeup call and do what needs to be done but politicians will use this to discredit and brush of efforts of our found Heroes who stood when everybody watched from a far distance, but now since it’s out there, it’s going to be a challenge they will not escape from and will in more occasions be asked about it. It’s a step to what can be a redemption of what was, and a makeover of what shall be. And as Hellen Keller once said, blessed are those without eyesight but have vision, and shame is to he who has eyesight but lacks vision. If you never see where you are headed to, how do u even start?