Sample Environmental Studies Paper on UPS

Sample Environmental Studies Paper on  UPS

If I were a customer of UPS, my willingness to tolerate delays for the sake of the environment would vary on the need and purpose of the item being delivered. If the goods delivered are consumer items and not for business purposes, then I would not mind waiting an hour longer if it is good for the environment. On the other hand, I would be reluctant to wait an hour longer for a delivery if the item delivered is needed to conduct my business. This is because some businesses are time sensitive, and a delay in the delivery of the raw materials can have a domino effect, causing a delay in the whole system.

Analysis of the route taken by the driver can help in determining the routes that have less traffic and hills. This would help in the conservation of the extra fuel that is spent when the engine is idle in traffic or for the extra torque required when going uphill. It can also give insights on the location of various customers and their availability at particular periods, to ensure that as many customers as possible get their deliveries in a single trip, without the drivers of the trucks having to repeat trips on the same route.

There is a potential paradox between the improvement of speed and efficiency of deliveries while at the same time saving on fuel costs. This is because high speeds lead to a higher rate of fuel consumption. On the surface, the paradox is apparent. However, deeper analysis reveals that there are other factors involved, such as the determination of the routes and better communication with the customers. This can improve the speed and efficiency of delivery without necessarily having to increase the speed of the trucks of the company.