Sample Environmental Studies Paper on Water pollution


Water is among the most important things that both plants, animals and human beings needs to survive. it is very vital in the growth and development of living things and enhances proper functioning of the systems of the body. Due to the big role it plays in our day to day lives, its contamination means danger to any living creature. Water enhances the cycle of life in so many ways. A plant needs water to grow and reproduce. If the water it uses in its growth and reproduction is contaminated, it will reproduce a plant that will not be healthy for human consumption. Human beings require food to maintain the functioning of the system of their bodies. We get these foods from plants. This fact shows how water runs our lives. Some animals such as fish live in water. These animals are source of food to human beings. If the water, they live in is contaminated then that means they will not survive and this will affect us greatly for we shall be losing our source of food. Water should therefore be preserved. However, with all these knowledge, some people still do not conserve water. They lead to its pollution through wastes and chemicals. Most culprits of this act are the industries and farmers who we shall expound on below.

How do industries enhance water pollution?

It is worldly known that industries play a big role in causing water pollution due to the amount of chemicals and wastes that they release to the environment. There are so many industries and all of them deal with variety of products. Most of them end up letting their wastes into the ocean, sea, lakes or rivers around them for they either lack a good system of doing away with their dusts and chemicals, they are not informed of the harm they cause or they are just arrogant and take their actions lightly. The chemical substances that they dispose in water cause health hazards. Some of these chemicals that can endanger any living thing include mercury, lead, phosphates, Sulphur, oil, petroleum and nitrates. Some of these chemicals when inhaled cause serious chronic illness and may end up causing either lung cancer, liver cancer or intestinal cancer. Cancer is a deadly disease.

Its known that mercury can cause the body a lot of harm. Mercury poisoning weakens the body because in most cases the immune system usually fails to fight these chemicals because it is not strong enough to sustain them. Sulphur leads to the death of aquatic lives. Many sea animals cannot handle its effects therefore succumbing to death. Oils is another menace. scientifically, oil does not dissolve in water. It only forms a layer on top of the water. This can cause harm because the layer formed may prevent any plant depending on that specific water from receiving enough sunlight to enhance photosynthesis.


How do farmers enhance water pollution?

Farmers are globally respected for their agricultural skills. From agriculture we get food and fruits that boost our health systems. Agriculture remains one of the biggest source of economic development all over the world. Many people have established themselves due to agriculture. Farmers are very important to us without a doubt. However, they make us suffer so much when hey pollute the water we are using to survive. we cannot refute the fact that agriculture wholly depends on water and a conducive weather to succeed. Plants must be watered every now and then to enhance their growth and development. Irrigation schemes require a lot of water for them to be sustained.

However, intensified agriculture may lead to soil pollution. This soil pollution on the other hand may end up contaminating water due to the fertilizers that farmers use on their products. Farmers also do not only grow plants, some of them engage in pastoralisation. They keep so many livestock for their own personal use or to sell them. These livestock include cows, goats and sheep. These animals usually live their wastes all over the compound. if it rains heavily, these same wastes are usually carried away by the rain water into the nearest lake, river, swamp, ocean or sea around. The wastes bring about water pollution thus leading to the death of marine lives. Also the fertilizers end up being washed away by the rain water straight into the nearest source of water.

Another way in which farmers lead to water pollution with their livestock is during their grazing process. A farmer may take his or her livestock to graze near a river, lake or swamp or may decide to take them to drink water from the said sources. During this process, animals usually pollute the environment with their wastes. These wastes end up in the source of water around them either through soil erosion or heavy rainfall.

Counter argument

As much as industries and farmers bring about water pollution, we also cannot survive without them. We need them in almost every aspect of our lives. Industries make our work easier by making products to be ready for use. Factories process our foods, make nice things such as door mats for us, help us in designing our houses due to their creativity in coming up with a variety of products among many other functions and benefits. Our industries play a huge role in our lives. The many things that they come up with help us in sorting out our life puzzles in different ways. Example is the shoe industry. To make a nice shoe some chemicals must be used in putting it together.  As much as these chemicals may end up polluting our water, we cannot walk barefooted too. Imagine walking on mad barefooted or on a ground that has been thoroughly heat by the sun. it is hard to do that and this is why we need our industries so much.

Our farmers are also still very relevant and necessary to our lives. The amount of work they put in to ensure that the country does not run short of food is amazing and thus cannot be taken for granted. We need them to keep on producing and providing good food to us. Food makes our bodies strong enough to face the next day. So many people in the world have died due to starvation. Others have developed unending sicknesses and deficiency diseases due to lack of food. We still need our farmers very much.


The essay has explained on how industries and farmers pollute water. It has expounded on the menaces it causes to both human beings, plants and animals. It has also mentioned on the usefulness of these industries and the farmers too. Bottom line is that both water, industries and farmers are important to us. We cannot do away with any of them, we need them so as to carry on with life smoothly. However, governments from all states should take action in controlling water pollution in their territories. Able laws should be formulated and implemented strictly by the respective organizations mandated to do so. Those breaking these laws should be punished to deter them and others as well.




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