Sample Essay on The 2010 film “Inside Job,” directed by Charles Ferguson

The 2010 film “Inside Job,” directed by Charles Ferguson

This movie ‘Inside Job’ produced in 2010 depicts various concerns that revolve around ethnicity. It articulates on aspects such as insufficient accountability, arrogance and greed which are unethical.  This paper reveal how banking systems in United States has been affected by the issue of corruption.

Analyzing the events in the 2010 movie, it shows how banking systems are part of illegal operations such as drug business. This culture contributed to financial crisis across various states. From this film, audience gets to know that bankers and politicians contributed to down fall of the financial sector. This was after they collaborated in sell mortgages and misused the money. Other cases of finance were connected to credit debits, bank credits and loans on cars.

The practice of banking operated via different regulations which raised concern among fund and bank managers. As a result, this lead to ethical concerns in the manner which banks operated. This is because banks did not comply by the existing regulations hence; its procedure was perceived as unethical. This film depicts how Charles Ferguson became concerned with how banking system operated on basis of corruption in the economy.

As the director, Ferguson planned for interviews that could oversee restriction of misusing finances. He also had an objective to promote and enhance ethical compliance in the economy. Evaluating chapter 6, it is clear that the law on utility depicts moral approach that reduces pain and promotes happiness. According to this principle, parties tend to act in a way that enables them to generate happiness and meet their desires.

Alternatively, other moral philosophies that apply in this situation include the golden rule and Immanuel Kant’s theory. Kant’s frame work emphasizes on the urge to aid individuals to climb the ladder and excel in their talents. Conversely, the golden rule highlights on equality that contributes to fair judgments without considering individual interests.



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