Sample Essay on ‘The Crossing 2000’

‘The Crossing 2000’

The movie ‘The Crossing 2000’ is a narration that reveals the victory of George Washington. This took place in December 1976 in the Trenton war that was against Britain. It sensitized about the American Revolution that was almost collapsing when Washington was busy rallying his troops to attack Trenton.

In spite of many defeats that are clear at the start of the film, Washington managed to plan well his army. As a result, they went ahead to attack Trenton which surprisingly contributed to their triumph. This movie also depicts time of colony after independence that was announced in July 1776. This happened when the colonists were unable to sustain the revolution and lost the battle with Britain (Harmon 55).

In addition, the film recounts on historical occurrences that were modified to fit the script of the movie. During the war, Washington divided his army into three sections. In addition, the movie does not reveal any trace of continental death at the war zone. However, a few soldiers and officers suffered from injury. The revolution moment became hard for colonists because life under the British leadership was cruel.

This is because the imperialists imposed heavy taxes on colonists to get revenue. It is also clear that the British used violent measures to enforce rules. In addition, the Britain did not want to stop the act of slavery. They kept promising that they would protect them when the revolution ends.

The film ‘The Crossing 2000’ perceives the Trenton battle to have prevented the collapse of American Revolution. The triumph in this war was also prove to Americans that they had control over the British army. From this film, the audience learns that Washington’s good planning skills and leadership facilitated his triumph in the battle.



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