Sample Essay Managing Conflicts

Sample Essay Managing Conflicts

A conflict can be defined as expressed struggle between two or more parties with goals that are discordant. When parties interfere with each other’s ability to attain set goals, conflict between them is inevitable. There are also different types of conflicts such as avoidance, collaboration, accommodation, competition and compromise. This paper will therefore take a close look at my personal conflict in my nature, how it affects my friends and other types of conflicts that can be used to resolve the situation.

A friend found out that competition is a conflict type that best suits me after he interviewed me. According to my friend, I prefer to resolve the conflict on my own. As a matter of fact, they assumed that I keep up the conflict even in the event where the winner the rests no matter the situation.

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This type of conflict has affected the initial relationships I had with my friends. As a result, my friends avoid my company. They also ensure that we do not often engage in conflict because they get disappointed out of my desire to win. The description of my friend matches my own definition of my personal conflict. This is based on the fact that in the event of a conflict, many people tend to avoid me.

Many people do not complain because I do not accept failure or defeat, a behavior that has destroyed many of my friendships. The problem can therefore be solved efficiently using a different type of conflict approach. For example, collaboration can make my friends agree with my argument. This is because conflict emerges when different parties have contradicting ideas. Therefore, collaboration can help resolve the conflicts with each side emerging the winner.

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