Sample Essay on Abortion


The perspective of biologists reveals that Life starts immediately after conception takes place. On the contrary, opponents of this view assert that a section of conception cases cannot guarantee birth. According to the law, it is essential to terminate the fetus which can only occur in special cases.

Based on this provision, abortion can only be legalized only when the life of a mother is subjected to danger. For health purposes, it is vital to perform the abortion during the early stages of pregnancy to save the mother. In regard to the new law, a mother should only be allowed to abort during the first four months when the fetus is still developing. This is because the fetus will not be undergoing many changes hence this will make the procedure to be easy and healthy.  However, when the abortion is performed after the fetus has fully developed; the mother could die in the process.

Conversely, any abortion cases that do not subject the mother to danger are illegal and should be avoided.   A good example applies to a mother who is raped and get pregnant to wait until she bears the baby. This implies that even if the condition that made her to be pregnant is weird such as rape, if the mother is healthy, she should not be permitted to abort.  In general, abortion should only be allowed in cases that subject the life of the mother to danger. The formulation of new abortion law will also not allow mothers to abort more than two times.

In matter that involves emergency abortion, only a health profession should be permitted to terminate the fetus. Other abortion cases that are not incorporated into the new law should be considered as murder which is against the law. This implies that individuals that are found aborting illegally should face the law in courts.


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