Sample Essay on Adaptability in the workplace

Case study I: Adaptability in the workplace

Ann has been an employee at Oaklid Company as a Senior Sales supervisor. Her performance is credible and the management has been tracking her contribution to the company for some times and have been making positive feedback about her to the directors. Since some departments have been faring poorly, Ann was promoted to the procurement office as the manager in charge. She has the qualifications but has not held such a position in her career life except during her internship. To be able to survive in the procurement office, she knew that she had to seek guidance from the departmental staff and heads. This fact enabled her to adapt to the new environment better and quickly. She had to know the procurement laws, processes and procedures since they were different from the sales. She also had to know the departmental culture from the employees. Sooner than later, she was able to head the department towards the right track in an efficient manner.

Case study II: Conflict in the workplace

ABF is a company located at the outskirts of Colorado and deals with the manufacturing of tiles and accessories. It has several employees among them Mark and Morgan, who works at the grading department. Before coming to the grading section, mark used to work in the sorting department. Mark and Morgan have been great friends since the time they first met, but their friendship has been on rocky hills the past few weeks. Mark, a Hispanic is flexible and likes to work in a relaxed mode, he keeps on talking to every member of the department, though sometimes leaves his workstation to converse with other employees in other department. The employees like him because he is jovial and usually makes them happy when he is around. Because of this trend, he is mostly off schedule and has to work until late to accomplish daily projects. Morgan, an American is not happy about Mark’s behavior and threatens him to inform the management if he is not willing to change. Morgan complains of being overworked by mark since they are supposed to work together. Mark being Morgan’s trainer is not willing to change and threatens to retract his assistance to mark, who relies on his expertise and guidance. A cultural conflict exists between the two employees and is about to go out of hand.