Sample Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemical Pest Control

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemical Pest Control

There are many advantages and disadvantages of chemical pest control. Considering them enables a farmer to determine which method is the most effective in controlling different pests in their farms or gardens. Chemical pest control refers to the use of chemicals that kill the pests. These chemicals are called pesticides.

Chemical pest control provides a quick means of killing pests. The chemicals are manufactured in a way that enables them to kill pests within the shortest time possible. There are chemicals that prevent pests’ resurgence. Using chemicals can help a farmer eliminate the entire pest population almost instantaneously by simply administering the chemical in the environment occupied by the pest.

A major advantage of chemical pest control is its efficiency. Most chemicals act very fast and when selected properly they are highly effective in eliminating the pests. Chemicals can be used in controlling or killing specific pests in a farm.


In some cases, chemicals are the only means that can be effective in controlling a certain pest. This is usually the case where all other means have failed or may not be practical. Thus, chemicals can save crops from more damage because they are easily accessible in the local outlet or even online unlike some methods such as biological methods.

Chemicals are also available in different varieties. This makes it easier for farmers to control virtually any pest using chemicals because they can easily purchase them in their local outlets. Controlling pests becomes more efficient when chemical method is used. This is because a farmer needs just to identify the pest and then go for a chemical that will kill that particular pest without damaging beneficial insects.

Additionally, chemicals are easy to use in controlling pests. Most chemicals come with instructions on how to use them in controlling the target pests. This implies that a farmer can always mix the right amount of water with the chemical and then spray the crop.

On the other side, chemicals are disadvantageous as a means of controlling pests because they promote pests evolution. Individual pests that are resistant to the chemical develop resistance to that particular chemical and it can no longer be used in controlling them. If the developed resistance is genetic-based, the future generation will not be controlled using that chemical.

Another disadvantage of chemical pest control is non-target effects and toxicity. Many chemicals kill even the beneficial insects such as bees and natural predators. If misused or mishandled, chemicals can intoxicate and even kill humans.

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