Sample Essay on Advantages of Social Media Advertising


Advertising is a way of communicating to the intended audience informing them of an available product. It’s basically intended to persuade an audience be it specific or general audience. Advertising helps a product manufacturer to increase consumption. The advertiser tries to market the product by informing the customer of the good attributes of the product to persuade the consumer. Advertising over time has been done by displaying billboards on the roads or other strategic places. Television, radio and print media have been greatly used by advertisers. Billboards are placed on strategic places to catch the eye of the targeted consumers. Yogurt happy valley has a significant market share of 25%. The company has engaged in the standard marketing however the social media could help increase the market share of the product.

Advantages of Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising can be said to be the next big thing to have happened to marketing. Whereas it may not replace the old methods of marketing, it is the best method of marketing now. Social media increases brand recognition faster than ordinary advertising. This is achieved because a product can be visible by so many people within a short while due to the popularity the social media commands. For example an advert on happy valley placed on facebook can easily be stumbled upon by a person accessing facebook or shared among friends so many times therefore increased accessibility.

There is also the advantage of making changes to the advert at a cheaper cost. For example happy valley can rebrand to suit the market taste and make changes to its adverts much more easily and at lower costs. The outcome of such changes is also instant.

It also boosts visibility of new brands. A new product can easily penetrate the market and make a hit. Happy valley needs to fill this gap to prevent other products taking advantage and taking the market share. Happy valley can increase its market share twofold through social media.

Companies always want to make more sales and maximize on profit collection at an affordable rate. Social media advertising is affordable and easy to update any changes in the product. With cheap advertising the company will make more profits and therefore boost its production capacity.

Happy valley needs to build more trust in its products among the customers. Social media is known to build more trust among its followers especially in facebook and twitter. With more trust in its products, this directly translates to more sales and a strong customer base.

Social media has assisted several companies improve its products and services. This is so because of the instant feedback by customers. The feedback messages are cheap and easy to use and therefore improve interaction of the producer and the consumer. Happy valley will be able to get direct feedback from consumers of its yogurt or any specific packaging the customer’s request.

The happy valley should open facebook pages, twitter accounts and make them as interactive as possible. The facebook pages should be updated regularly with new developments and the products in the market. The same should be done on the twitter accounts.  It is an appreciated fact that the social media is instant and therefore information reaches the customer immediately. A good information technology team is important to avoid making simple mistakes.