Sample Essay on Advertisement Analysis

Advertisement Analysis

An advertisement is a method in which products and services are marketed to the consumers in order to persuade the audience to consume a specific commodity (Marczyk, et al., 2005). Advertisements should communicate to the audience and encourage them to use a product or service. They are conveyed through various channels, such as print, radio, online, and billboards among others. The above image is a simple advertisement of 3D Crest products. Therefore, this paper presents a critical analysis of the above advertisement, the message it contains, its efficiency, and improvements that can be made to make the advert more appealing. Additionally, the paper will employ various tools of analyzing advertisement efficiency.

To begin with, the above advertisement is selling oral products that comprise toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash. The commodities are produced by a company called 3D Crest Company. The advert incorporates images of the products it sells with a human face displaying her teeth. The viewer immediately notices that the advert is selling toothpaste and toothbrush products. According to Jaman (2012), an image boosts communication of the advertisement to the audience. It aids in deciphering what the commercial is selling without a lot of analysis. Advertisements that carry a lot of written information and they limit space for pictures are less appealing than the ones with huge images (Jaman, 2012). This is because pictures create illusions that cause attention to the audience. Actually, the issue of images aids in identifying how the advertisement looks like. For instance, the above advert takes into consideration using more pictures than written information. Color combination is another aspect that aids in defining how an advert looks like and how it attracts the audience. 3D Crest used blue color in the entire advert background and a little white color. Belch (2003) asserts that color combination has to delineate the product’s details to the customer. In the above advert, blue color symbolizes the thematic color that the company uses as their trademark. It helps the audience to relate the product with the company that manufactures the commodities. The white color on the other hand is used symbolically to show the functions of the product. 3D Crest products are used for oral care; hence, the color white resembles human teeth.

Belch (2003) notes that companies are using market segmentation in accordance to the consumer groups. This means that they embrace sale promotion with the consumer in mind. When it comes to advertisement, they prioritize on the targeted audience. An advert must communicate to the targeted audience; hence, the viewer can denote who is the target audience. The above advert targets teenagers and adults who are below the age of 45. This is because it incorporates an image of an adult who displays her clean and healthy teeth. The advert does not target children because the image and color combination is not appealing to children aged 12 and below. Another reason that signifies that it targets adults is that the advert does not incorporate a lot of written information. The advert is organized in a simple way to decipher the message because it sells oral products. It elicits the emotions that healthy teeth are important based on the image of the lady flashing her white teeth out. The advert has a slogan that may aid in popularizing the product “Sample a brighter smile with 3D Crest White”. Belch (2003) indicates that for an advert to sell, it requires a slogan that the consumers can identify it with.

On the contrary, the advert requires improvement in order to create much attention and convey the intended message effectively. One of the improvements is that the advert requires to incorporate more of written information. Images create attention while written information gives exclusive details of the product (Marczyk, et al., 2005). For instance, it is quite difficult for the audience to identify the three products that are in the above advertisement. It would be better if the advert showed that there is a toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash. Similarly, it could highlight at least two benefits of using the product. The slogan should also be improved to make it brief, precise, and memorable. 3D Crest Company should also consider increasing the target audience in order to increase their market share. Children are very instrumental in influencing what their parents are purchasing. Therefore, this can be a good opportunity for 3D Crest to acquire more consumers by including children in their target audience. For example, they can include a young child embracing her mother on the advert. This can be followed by a written message, such as “for mothers who want healthy teeth for their children”. The main purpose of an advertisement is to communicate to the audience and persuade them to use the product that is being advertised (Marshal, 2007). Therefore, aesthetic beauty is fundamental in catching the eye of the audience. In light of this, color combination and size of the advertisement matters a lot. This advert should be increased a little bit to create more attention to the audience. As a result, the advert will be much effective and appealing to the consumer.


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