Sample Essay on African American Wage Gap

African American Wage Gap

Gender inequality is an issue that has been affecting many people in the world.  It is one of the challenging issues in America that has been creating a lot of debates now and then.  Wage gap among Africa Americans is an issue that has been affecting many people. Gender wage gap is the difference between male and female earning and is expressed as a percentage of male earnings. Wage gap comes with unbearable consequences and it is wise to know how to solve this issue.

African America workers are most affected when it comes to wage gap issues. Evidently African American workers earn less than whiles in accord to a report by U.S Census Bureau. Unfortunately, little progress has been made over the years to close the wage gap. At per-capita income of $18, 054 in 2008, African-American income was just 57.9% that of the white Americans. This was just a slight improvement over 2007 when black income was just 56%.

These figures are average and they can be cockeyed by the high income of relatively few people in America. Africa-Americans are usually over-represented in lowest earning lists and under-represented in highest earning. The income of Africa-America varies greatly for all blacks working full-time earned as less as $35,000 in 2008 and 35% of white workers earned less than that. There are a number of factors that are associated with the large wage gap in America.

Firstly, educational achievement is one of the mainstay causes of the Africa-American wage gap. The Census also revealed that only 19 % of African-America had bachelors or advanced degrees and this compared to 32.6% of white Americans. It came out clear that 17% of the blacks had not graduated from high school and this was exactly twice the rate if the whites. Most of the Native American students were educated in exclusively segregated schools that were also excluded from much higher education entirely.

Lack of good education which is equal to that of white children also made it had to get that paying job. Family wealth also impacted wage gap on Africa Americas. Wealth was much low for blacks and they had no opportunities. Many people who come from poor families in America have limited opportunities than those who come from the wealthier families. More so, rich families tend to have wider social networks of successful relatives and friends; hence they have an easy way to great and well-paying jobs.

Racial discrimination also plays a role in Africa America wage disparity. It has been known that even blacks with equal or better qualifications than white colleagues are given better and paying jobs than the white colleagues. Shunning hiring discrimination and giving applicants the information they should have while looking for jobs is a great step towards ending wage disparity. Wage gap also has great effects when it comes to pension. Lower earnings will mean lower pension and the affected may face poverty.

Marginal productivity differences can also lead to an increase in the wage gap. This is possible in Africa America situation when the workers have different levels of human capital. African-American women rely on less productive occupation and this means that they pay is lower due to lower marginal productivity. Indeed, there are many factors that can be look at as key causes of African-American wage disparity. All in all, it is upon the government and private organizations to find better ways on how to take care of this issue.

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