Sample Essay on Air pollution

Air pollution

Air pollution reflects a state whereby harmful components are introduced in the environment. These materials are dangerous to the atmosphere because they destroy living creatures. They also contribute to infectious diseases and ultimately cause death.

According to research, factors that cause air pollution include nature and human activities. For instance, these natural causes include volcanic eruptions. The main aspect that contributes to air pollution is the widespread of industrial activities. This is evident when individuals actively burn fuels to produce energy. As a result, these fuels emit carbon dioxide that occurs due to burning that reacts with rain water contributing to acidic rain. Additionally, when fossil fuels do not burn completely, it leads to release of carbon monoxide. This further causes damage to the ozone layer.

Furthermore, the fertilizers and chemicals that people use during farming are ammonia related. This makes them impose bad air in the atmosphere (Vllero 2). The mining action that incorporates cracking of rocks while using explosives results to pollution of air. This is clear when they release smoke and harmful dust to the surrounding. Other factors that contribute to air pollution include decay of organic materials. This happens when they discharge gases that smell badly and are dangerous to the surrounding. The effects of these gases are that they contribute to complications in the respiratory system.

The harmful effect of air pollution to the environment is that it leads to global warming. This takes place when there is rampant increase in temperature that disrupts and makes changes to the ozone layer. Furthermore, when the quality of air is poor, it subjects humans to suffer from respiratory diseases. Due to air pollution, individuals get exposed to dangerous radiations. They also get diseases such as cancer hence ultimate death. However, as much as air pollution has bad effects to the environment, it also creates jobs via mining. In general, the government should formulate strict rules to aid eradicate harmful emission to the atmosphere.


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