Sample Essay on American and European Values

American and European Values

Reflecting on military abilities, it is clear that Americans are the leading in contrast to the Europeans. This is because Europe does not use more expenses hence end up hiring few troops. In regard to the latest technologies, Americans are also ahead of Europe. In 1991, Americans encountered terrorism. This act motivated the US to embrace practice and use hard power.

Clearly, this was contrary to their Europe counterparts who only used soft power skills to handle threats. In United States, they have learned to handle terrorists by choosing sensitive and new targets. This was different in Europe because they only deployed troops when they wanted to accomplish a huge mission. The difference between the two countries is that America allows a military to join politics while Europe does not (Afshar, 2006).

America believes that it is a super power and has a responsibility of restoring order in other countries. They do this to protect human kind and enhance peace across the world. In US, they believe that they have stronger superior power in contrast to Europe. It is clear that in America, they succeed due to hard work while UK place more focus on being out of control. Europe and America both believe that the duty of the government is to enhance equality in leadership.

The responsibility of religion is different in both states. Survey reveals that Americans had no issues with mixed religions, and how they interrelated with politicians. For instance, 83 percent of Americans perceived religion to be vital. This is in comparison to 63 percent of individuals in Europe with similar view. In regard to homosexuality, both Europe and America accept the act. In conclusion, majority of Individuals in Europe have a low preference of military deployment and religion. Americans still belief that they have a superior culture in contrast to Europe.



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