Sample Essay on Apple Target Market

Apple Target Market

Apple carries out all manner of research to identify and determine a specific target group. This helps the company come up with marketing strategies that will promote the range of products they have to offer.

Apple analyses and breaks down target markets into segments and it uses variable like city size, climate, region and density to determine who their target is. In addition to this, they also use other variable like income, education, nationality, family size, sex and family cycle etc to draw a target market.

It targets people who have specific characteristics some of which are as indicated below:

  • Upper or middle class people who are willing to pay more to enjoy user experience that is better.
  • Lovers of technology as it offers numerous entry level tools. This set includes people who love taking digital videos or photos.
  • Music fans and enthusiastsProofreading-Editing
  • Professionals in design and media

Ideally, Apple targets people with a fair amount of disposable income willing to spend more to get a product that is of high quality. This market is comprised of younger adults, teens and middle age consumers. The target market for Apple can be broken down into the following categories.

  • Teenagers -This is the largest target market for the simple reason most teenagers use iPods to listen to music, socialize and go on Twitter, Facebook or MSN.
  • University and college students-This group uses products like MacBook’s, iPads or iPhone’s to record notes which are then organized and stored in the devices. These products are also light to carry as such, they make school work easier.
  • Business individuals-This group is fascinated by Apple products as they all have qualities that boost business. These tools are essential in making business better as they foster good and efficient communication with clients. What is more, Apple products make it easy to send and organize documents.
  • Kids and young children-This is yet another target market for Apple. The iPads and iPods designed by the company are easy to use because of their touch sensitive screen. Parents are able to download games that enable kids to learn on the devices in order to help them learn.
  • Adults-Apple products make it easy for adults to accomplish and enjoy everyday use of their products. They can use the products to make calls, get connected to the internet, use documents and get map directions. The cameras also make it easy for adults to capture special moments. These devices help make the lives of adults easier for purposes of communication.

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