Sample Essay on Astronomy: Determining the life span of an individual star

Astronomy: Determining the life span of an individual star

The Hertz sprung-Russell (H-R) figure is useful in illustrating the life span of a star. This is evident when the diagram sketches the temperature of the star against the brightness. This reflects a section of variables that measures a life span of a single star.

Evaluating the location of a personal star on this illustration, it is clear that it verifies a variety of aspects. These factors incorporate color, evolutionary history, age and temperature. Furthermore, assessing the H-R diagram, the right bottom corner incorporates dim, cool and bright stars. According to experts, these stars have lasting life spans that is about ten billion years. On the left bottom section of this figure are the dwarf stars that are small and bright. Study reveals that these stars only shade off after shinning for numerous years.

The center of this diagram incorporates bright stars that are hot with middle weight. For instance, one of these stars is the sun (Grebel & Brandner, 2002). These stars tend to have an extended life span that hits billion of years. They also have a short life span when they exist in millions of years. Evidently, these stars have a life that is termed to be violent. The top left section of the illustration consists of giant stars. They are available in huge sizes because they formulate parts of other dying stars.

Clearly, these stars can maintain coolness and tend to enhance their brightness due to their giant sizes. They are examples of stars that only exist for a short period. They can only be in existence for a few million years and after this they die. The upper right side of H-R diagram incorporates blue stars that are hot. Furthermore, these stars are also depicted to have a short time to exist. Evaluating the behaviors of stars, it is assumed that an individual star can be measured via its position on the H-R diagram.



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