Sample Essay on Battle of Guadalcanal

 Battle of Guadalcanal

The United States of America has fought many battles over years. Its victory against the Japanese at the Battle of Midway is one of the great battles that have helped build the great nation many people in the world cherish today.  The victory also instigated the battle of Guadalcanal on August 7th 1942 in the Pacific theatre of the World War II. It was a decisive and overwhelming offensive by aligned forces against the empire of Japan. Over thousands of troops were assembled for battle, but the outcome was devastating as more lives and weaponry were lost.

Initially, the U.S decided to expand its territory into the Pacific Southwest after victory in Midway on the premise referred to as Island-hopping.  Coincidently, the Japanese were focused on maintaining their presence and control in the south Pacific and garner more territories.  The Japanese team took stately actions and acquired the Guadalcanal. Unfortunately, the U.S was not down with the idea as they viewed it as a great threat to their supply routes between U.S, Australia and New Zealand.

The blockage would also hinder an opportunity of conducting successful campaign to capture major Japanese Rabual bases on New Britain. To respond to this imminent threat, more than 16,000 U.S Marine troops were dispatched to the island of Guadalcanal. On the 7th day of July, 1942, the U.S marine troops landed on the Guadalcanal Island overwhelming the Japanese troops and captured the island.  Japanese were never pleased by the move and launched counter-offensives just after four months.

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Three large battles took place followed by five naval battles that many would describe as epic battles of the year.  The American troops started the attack on Guadalcanal with well controlled airstrikes. The three aircrafts were guarded by 24 support ships and the battleship USS North Carolina. This was a tactical attack that overwhelmed the Japanese troops.  Luckily, when the U.S and allied marines landed at the Red Beach Japanese naval was nowhere to be seen. The hot and humid climate of the Island was the only threat for the U.S marines and the allied forces especially those who were carrying huge weapons.

Communication was also a big issue between those on the island and inland. The troops had to control the regions connecting the Guadalcanal but they encountered fierce fighting and it took the U.S marine raiders 24 hours to get rid of the Japanese troops in the region. At the Gavuta region, a fierce battle also emerged and Americans lost a number of soldiers. Large troops of Japanese soldiers were killed from the airstrikes but they could not surrender.

Japanese failed in their attack because the American defensive positions were expertly sited and Japanese did not consider the challenges to encounter while utilizing the tropical jungle. Occasionally, the Japanese troops led by Kawaguchi were fatigued and always overwhelmed by energized U.S and allied forces as many had left their mortar and artillery behind.  The terrain also made it had for the Japanese soldiers to share information on their progress. The Americans triumph guaranteed that Australia was free from any imminent invasions. Vandergrift role in the battle of Guadalcanal went down Marine Corps history as the best ever.

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