Sample Essay on Battle of Kursk

 Battle of Kursk

There are many battles that have dignified the world. Their impact and magnitude have changed people’s view on how effective Cold Wars, World War I and II and many other skirmishes were back then. The battle of Kursk is one of the decisive vendettas that impact the World War II.  The battle took place in 1943 between the German and the Soviet Union forces on the eastern Front near Kursk [also known as the largest tank battle ever recorded in history books. The battle still has the power to amuse even after more than 70 years.

Kursk lies about 450 kilometers or 280 miles southwest of Moscow, Russia and but 1943, it became the greatest battle line in history. It was the center of Russian-held bulge projecting 120 miles wide and 90 miles into the Germans border lines. With this in mind and clearly depicted in their maps, the Germans were ready to attack from the north and south and overwhelm the soviet forces within the bulge.  The Germans multitudes had almost 50 divisions each containing more than 900,000 men, 17 motorized and armed divisions with 2700 tanks and exclusive mobile assault guns. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union had guessed this would happen and withdrew their troops prior to the Germans attack.

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The Germans went to launch the attack and only bumped into deep antitank defenses and minefields that the Soviets and had placed in the anticipation of imminent attack. The Germans only advanced 16 km north and 48 kilometers south into the bulge and losing many of their valued tanks.  This was a great strategy by the soviet intelligence team that had alerted the Russian troops of a massive German offensive attack. They allowed the Germans to wear themselves off and lose many of their powerful weaponry.  More than 300,000 civilians help the Soviet Union build enormous defense around the Kursk salient. On the other hand, German prisoners captured by the Soviets revealed that the attacked will only be on July 5th. The attack commenced at 04:30 with an artillery bombardment.  But the Germans troops could not break through as more than 25,000 men were killed or severely wounded as a result of the sturdy anti-tank Russian guns.

On July 12th, the German troops broke the south salient, but faced a resilient counter-offensive that pushed them back to where they had started. The Germans retreat was hindered by partisan who also destroyed many miles of rail line leading to large pile up of train engines and these made the German troops an easy target by the Soviet forces. On 23rd Russians had broken any barriers by Germans. After the defeat at Kursk, Adolf Hitler ordered to stop Operation citadel and the battle was decided in favor of the soviets.

The battlefield of Kursk remained filled with hundreds of burnt tanks and aircrafts and thousands of dead soldiers. The Russians suffered heavy loss of soldiers while Germans lost huge amounts of armor and about 500, 000 men in the battle. Russian returned to their lost territories and conquered all enemies along the east.

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