Sample Essay on Benefits of the Internet

Benefits of the internet

The advent of the internet has provided a variety of benefits to the people in all spheres of life. The enormous data available on the internet and varied uses of this technology has made the internet a valuable commodity for development and betterment of people’s lives. For instance, people use internet for creativity and knowledge to invent new products that are useful in everyday life. Globalization, which is the building pillar in the usage of internet, has made it possible for people to do substantial tasks that they could not perform fifty years ago. In addition, globalization has made it easy for people to share information and experiences regardless of the geographical distance that exists between them – a fact that makes it easy to recognize that, indeed, the internet has brought immense benefit to the mankind (Bailey,2015).

Use of the internet has helped in enhancing interactions among people through social media platforms. People from various parts of the world can easily connect and share experiences with their friends and family members who might be very far in real time. People can share photos, update their profiles, or even share their moments of joy or sadness with friends in their circles (Lindsay, 2014). The interactions have helped to strengthen relationships between various people in the society.

Marketing is one of the fields that has benefited a lot from the advent of the internet. In the modern era, marketers have shifted from conventional forms of marketing to online platforms. This strategy has yielded many fruits since it reaches many customers, unlike the traditional forms which only targeted those people who tune into radio and television stations (Axel, 2015).

In the spheres of education Bailey (2015), notes that the internet has enabled students to have access to information from other parts of the world, whereby learners were alienated from having access to scholarly publications due to finances or geographical distance. In support of these sentiments, online learning, which is one of the emerging trends in the institutions of higher learning, has made it possible for people to study without necessarily coming to class. This technology, which is powered by the internet, has helped to enhance access and reduction in the cost of education since online studies are less costly compared to on campus learning.

Another important aspect of the internet as highlighted by Bailey (2011) is that, it has helped to create employment for many people. Since the introduction of the technology, various fields of study like web designing, computer programming which are highly sought areas of specialty by many companies to promote their brands and enhancing a wider access to the clients. Mother and disabled persons can now comfortably work at home through the various online jobs that have developed courtesy of the use of internet.

According to Lindsay (2014) internet has enabled people perform many tasks with ease. With reference to the normal saying “ Time is money” for sure, internet users have managed to save a lot of time while performing various tasks that could have taken a lot of time to accomplish. This is because technology has enhance the invention of various application and database system which helps in calculations, processing and compiling of data and even making payrolls for companies, these tasks can consume a substantial amount of time if done manually.

Online publications, which are the new strategy for writers, have helped in reductions in the cost of publishing books and journals. Furthermore, online publications have helped to increase a wider base of knowledge since people can access any information they want in the internet without necessarily buying the books (Zach & Casten, 2011).


From the foregone discussion, it is evident that the internet has come with enormous benefits, which have helped in changing the quality of life and the world for sure. This is because internet has facilitated easy sharing of information and ideas among various people regardless of the distance that exist as between them. Various inventions have also been realized in the education sector while distance learning, which primarily relies on the internet, has been able in promoting access and reduction in the cost of schooling. The business world has also reaped a lot from the use of internet through development of online marketing platforms that make it easy for markers to reach many potential customers.


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