Sample Essay on Brand Management

 Brand Management

Brand management is an important concept in business. It plays a major role in determining the success of a company brand in winning the trust of people. Defining brand management is not an easy job since the process varies from company to company. However, large multinational companies have similarities when it comes to brand management because they specialize in name-brand products. Their large sizes guarantee them economies of scale while the wide range of products protects them against down cycles. Nonetheless, this does not mean that small companies equally excel in making profits. Even though such small businesses get returns, they do not offer jobs to people, implying their collapse would affect a small number of people.

In understanding brand management, it is essential to consider brand as small businesses within the company. Thus, brand managers operate as if they own small businesses within the company. Their task is not easy because it has direct impact on how the overall company performs. Firstly, brand managers monitor the competition trends in the market. They analyze what their competitors produce equivalent to their brand and establish the nature of competition. A good brand should have competitive advantage against other products in the market. Additionally, brand management involves identifying market opportunities and going for them.


As a brand manager, you set the pace of the company in exploiting new opportunities in the market. This means you have to think and see beyond today’s opportunities to be ahead of competitors at all times. It is important to note that brand managers do not execute these strategies alone. They work with a cross-functional team, which ensures that the performance of a given brand stays at the top. The last role of a brand manager is to increase the sales because this will guarantee the company good returns. By increasing the sales volume, the company gains a better market share and can project its profits.

To achieve successful brand management, the person in charge must work closely with the senior management at all times. The objectives of the brand manager must be guided with the overall objectives of the entire company. Their focus is always on the details of the sales volumes, and they have to dream when giving a new vision for the product after some time. Once a plan is in place, they approach the senior management for funding in order for the project to kickoff. Because of the role of brand management, the entire management ought to support their activities in terms of financial support and idea development. This is because brand management is not independent; it goes closely with other departments in a given.

At the heart of brand management is winning more customers. Companies differentiate their brands for easy recognition by consumers, which translates into the likelihood of making purchases. To maintain a brand, it is important to make good use of advertising and social media to win customers. Through this brand management, customers become familiar with your brand and can recommend it to other people.

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