Sample Essay on Buddhism


Buddhism refers to a non atheistic faith that is based on beliefs, practices and philosophies. This religion incorporates teachings that relate to Buddha. People of this faith believe that Buddha stayed in Himalayan Mountains. This was in its foothills that were found in the North Section of India. It also happened to exist from 563 to 483 B.C. This religion spread in India from the past 2500 years.

Furthermore, these teachings are defined in a set of drafts that is available in Pali language. They date from the beginning of B.C. century and extend to the fifth A.D.T century. Buddhism religion offers teachings and guidance which aids people in this denomination to be illuminated. This is achieved via self control, meditation and wisdom. Furthermore, these teachings incorporate various traits that range from dissatisfaction, selfishness and impermanence.

Impermanence is a doctrine in this religion that reveals the temporary nature that applies to all living things. This concept concurs with the fact that things and objects of this world changes with time. This further means that in this society, there is nothing like permanent truth or ultimate authority. The selfness act applies in our inner being. It implies that there is no soul that lasts forever. In this regard, worshippers in Buddhism religion believe that the aspect of self is in each person and it never changes.

The teachings depict a person to have various elements that are constant and change with time. There is also a belief in this religion that the act of not being satisfied is a trait that exists. This act evolves from the ego of people and is within us. The good thing is that individuals have power to control their dissatisfaction character.  The faith of this religion is related to truths which reveal that in life, people have to suffer. However, they can avoid all forms of suffering when they reject worldly items.



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