Sample Essay on Capabilities Required of the Team Members

Capabilities Required of the Team Members

When professionals with the right knowledge on the software to be developed come together, they form a team. Their capability depends on their dedication to work on the assignment and respective qualifications. I have the responsibility of furnishing specific considerations in relevance to the expectations of the project as team leader. This is an important aspect for the team as it works towards achieving its objectives.

The team must therefore correspond to specific software development and design ideals, before engaging them in practical work. Ethical and practical standards must also be upheld by all team members as they contribute to overall success of the project collectively. Additionally, team members must be committed to their work because it is a very brief illustration of their expected demands that all members must display.

The first capability that all team members must portray relate to high certified standards. In this context, professionalism means having exclusive software project design and development skills. It is a vital element because it determines quality production amongst team members directly. Equally, professionalism determines qualifications of members of team to work on the project and it remains a significant pillar in the implementation of the project.

Therefore, the capability to display high professionalism standard is essential for the success of the project. All team members for example must be experts in different specialization areas in an effort to cope with outlined quality demands within the project.

Good ethical accord is also the second most significant capabilities that all team members must possess. The ethics
determine team members conduct towards each other and to the team leader. Additionally, high ethical morals ensure that the assigned work is carried out with high responsibility measures and work is completed within the anticipated time-frame.

High morals additionally are essential amongst team members as it enables them to cope with challenging work environments. Team members are also expected to follow the rules of the organization while carrying out their duties. Their rules are impliedly or explicitly stated in the code of conduct and they also determine the progress of the project.


Team members for example must show dedication to their work as well as spirit of team work. This is a highly fundamental aspect that shapes team members towards achievement of their duties within the right time. The three elements are also significant defining the success of the project.

Replacement and dismissal of any individual from team project must also be accompanied by clear explanation or reasoning. The reasoning is based on facts as opposed to fictions. This is an example of constructive debate that can see a person get dismissed from the team. The first case under which a person is laid off successfully, an argument is often based on professional incompetence.

A team member is declared incompetent professionally if he or she is not capable of meeting work demands. In this relevance, a member of the team is considered incompetent when he or she makes errors continuously and fails to meet job demands. Such a person is considered inappropriate and must be laid off. Professional standard maintains productivity and competence in the absence of an ideal, and then a person is termed not right to be part of the team.

The second professional incompetence example arises when an employee is not in a position to manage ethical standards. A team member in this case may deliberately be absent from duty or make intentional delays on duties. Such a situation calls for dismissal. In conclusion, the mentioned cases offer illustrations that I am likely to adhere to as a project leader in disciplining team members of the project.

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