Sample Essay on Capstone/Internship


Overview of the Organization

Brief History of the Organization

Hamilton Community Health Network is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to offer comprehensive, quality and community-oriented health care for the underserved in the entire Genesee County ( 1). It was initially known as Hamilton Family Health Center. It was formed in 1982 by St Joseph’s hospital responding to the low income earners whose medical needs had not been met and majority population who were putting up on the north side of the Flint. The center provided dental, medical, and social services and carried out its services in a facility on Hamilton Avenue during the first six years after its establishment. In 1988, HCHN was relocated at 4001 North Saginaw. It was in this year that the center started getting Health Care for the Homeless funding to handle the increasing needs of the homeless population. Hamilton Community Health Network took over operational and monetary responsibility from Hurley Medical center, for primary and preventive care and associated services offered at their North Pointe facility. In December 2002, HCHN started its operations through partnering with Genesee County Health department, to provide various services to an area of the city that would not be in a position to access medical care.

There are various services provided by the organization for instance, it reaches out to the community to help in giving plethora of health care associated services like assisting the public antiquate to the New Affordable Act ( 1). It also creates awareness to the public about varied types of healthcare coverage and helping them in attaining coverage for their families and themselves. Hamilton also assists in providing clothing and food to the impoverished and hosting the homeless. They also attend several local charitable events in the whole of Genesee County. Other services include family planning, preventive dental services, laboratory testing, substance abuse, and mental health referrals. A Family Independence clinic located at the major clinic helps clients in applying for reimbursement and other related benefits. Additionally, it offers medical services, and the mobile health team majorly focuses on giving health education on the non-medical factors that influence the homeless in the society.

There are various organizational policies that may affect an intern. Firstly, the intern is supposed to have specific skills that will enable him to perform his duties in the organization. An intern without relevant skills and knowledge will find it difficult to perform his duties because he will be required to go an extra mile and acquire relevant skills before accomplishing his tasks. The organization has a total of 238 employees and it is unionized. For one to qualify as an intern at Hamilton Community Health network, he is required to have specific skills for instance, one is supposed to informed about Hipaa. Secondly, one is required to have computer skills and should have relevant information about Affordable Care Act. These skills are relevant to work and responsibilities that should be carried out by an intern. Additionally, it is required that an intern completes his project within the scheduled time. This implies that an intern is supposed to work hard to ensure that the set objectives are attained within the specified time.

Source of Funding for the Organization

Hamilton Community Health Organization receives its funding from Medicaid and Medicare. For example, all dental and mental insurance is accepted including Medicaid and Medicare. Parents who have not applied for insurance can apply for a sliding on the services that are provided.

The Healthcare Environment

The current health issues affecting the organization are Affordable Care Act and electronic records. The Affordable care act holds that clients are supposed to be accountable for their health care. Under the new law, American citizens will have flexibility and stability they require to make wise decisions with regard to their health. This will also imply that the preventative care provided by Hamilton community health network to patients will be at no cost. Patients will also have the privilege to make a decision on the primary care doctor that they want from their plan’s network. The act will also be of great significance to patients because it will eliminate insurance company barriers to emergency services. This implies that an individual can look for emergency care at a hospital a part from his health plan’s network.

The second present issue is electric records. Presently, the law requires that all information in an organization be stored electronically for instance in word processed documents, images, databases, and emails. The organization is expected to start storing information in an electronic form and this can be in form of email accounts, hard drives, or databases. For effective capturing of information using electronic record, the organization is supposed to implement an electronic management system. The requirement for electronic records would create a vital ethical challenge for confidentiality and privacy. With electronic health record, it is most likely that patients will have their personal health records in their electronic devices or they can easily access it through the internet. The main challenge is how the organization will ensure that patient’s health records remain confidential.

These health care issues have impacted the agency where I completed my internship in various ways. For instance, the agency will be required to incur an extra cost with regard to electronic record. This is because it will be required to use an electronic management system. On the other hand, it will be of great significance to employees in the agency because it will imply reducing paper work. Furthermore, the Affordable Care Act will also have an impact on the agency because it will reduce paper work.

Additionally, Affordable Care Act will do away with most of the essential competitive checks left in the American Health Care system. The Act is most likely to avoid competition in several aspects of health insurance including expenses, and health related benefits. With the individual mandate of the law, forcing the majority of the Americans to buy health insurance irrespective of the cost, the likelihood of providers to benefit from a captive market is most likely to increase further. ACA will try to control losses that result from anticompetitive policies. With regard to electric records, the organization can manage this challenge at various levels for instance: culturally, financially, institutionally, and technologically. Electronic record comprise of many components that cooperate to form the basis of the legal health record. The organization should therefore be ready and willing to invest in these components that include software applications like cardiology systems, radiology, computerized physician order entry, and an electronic document management system.

My internship experience was related to these issues because the project that I was to provide for the organization was preparing an Affordable care Act binder. Furthermore, I was expected to go to the field after which I would make notes for activities that took place in the field. Based on the fact that the organization was not using the electronic record system, I was forced to do a lot of paper work while in the field and preparing final reports that I was required to submit to my supervisor. Additionally, my internship experience was related to these issues because I was supposed to create awareness to members of the community about Affordable Care act and I did this in collaboration with my supervisor. The organization can respond to these healthcare issues in various ways. For instance, Hamilton Community Health Network can take a number of steps to plan for its uncertain future and they include:

Developing accost-structure scenario

The organization can evaluate the impact of Affordable Care Act with economic modeling techniques that use the present Medicare reimbursement rates as the preferred case then work downward. This will prepare managers for the probable monetary realities ahead.

Examine Capital Spending

The organization is supposed to look for capital investments that will be of great significance in reducing the cost of delivering care.

Re-examine the local Continuum of Care

Community hospitals that are not affiliated to nay union or organizations usually face more challenges because they cannot enjoy associated with operating on large scale. This therefore implies that the organization is supposed to re-examine its function within the broader community. It may sound significant for the organization to centralizer some services in one location.

Even though one may argue that there are various benefits related with ACA, but the fact is that hospitals will be required to do more, to do varied things that they do not do now, and do it at a lesser cost. The earlier hospital administrators start to plan for this, the better their opportunities will be for handling serious monetary challenges successfully.

My internship experience was related to these issues because the project that I was to work on was preparing ACA binder. ACA was one of the health issues facing the organization where I did my internship. My experience also has a relationship with electronic record because I found it a challenge when it came to compiling my work because I used to make notes on paper while in the field. Work would have been made easier if at all I was using electronic record. I think these challenges have to be addressed because it can contribute to the delivery of quality services.

Reflection of Internship activities including Procedures and responsibilities

The project that I completed was preparing an ACA binder and I did this by finding relevant articles about health insurance enrollment and training. There were various computer applications that I used to prepare my project. For instance; I used word processing to collect the required information about ACA (National Health Care for the Homeless Council 1). Furthermore, I used the word processing application to prepare information that would be compiled and be included in the ACA binder. Additionally, I used spreadsheet data base to record premiums that would be paid by their customers. The data compiled included the definition of Affordable Care Act (ACA), improvements taking place in Health care Coverage for all American, immediate actions to expand and preserve all Americans, quality health insurance for all Americans, coverage choices that are available to all Americans, and miscellaneous provisions. To collect this information, various materials were reviewed for instance articles with information about ACA and online websites that have similar information. The final work that was produced was about the definition of ACA. This would enable individuals to understand what ACA is all about. The ACA binder also had information about coverage. This section comprised of information on who the law covers for instance, if an individual is below 26 years, he can be covered under the patients’ health plan. The costs of the law were also included in the binder. This section entailed reviews in increases in premiums, limits on lifetime coverage. It also entailed information about care ( 1). ACA provides covers preventive care at zero cost, it also protects an individual’s choice of doctors, and it eliminates insurance company barriers to emergency services.

As earlier explained, the mission for HCHN is to offer comprehensive quality, healthcare that majorly focuses on the community for the undeserved of Genesee county. My project contributed to the organization’s mission in various ways. For instance, it had the capability of providing quality services to its clients. My ACA binder was well organized to an extent that every person was interested in knowing the information in the binder. Additionally, the organization was able to get full information with regard to Affordable Care Act, without necessarily having to access different articles and books. This is because all information about ACA was compiled in the binder. The project would also make work easier for whoever is to create awareness to the community about ACA ( 1). This is because the binder has summarized information that makes it easier to present. Therefore, this would have contributed to the organization’s mission because it would provide comprehensive information.

Internship Assessment

My employment and orientation process to the internship site was very sufficient. The warm welcome and orientation that I received was very good and I had good time during this period. I had a very relationship with my co-workers because we use to work together as a team to enable one another achieves his set goals. Furthermore, we used to help one another in completing out tasks and this was through asking relevant questions where one was interested in getting information. I also had a good relationship with my supervisor and he was actually my mentor. For instance, I held various discussions with my supervisor with regard to how leaders are supposed to set their goals and objectives. He was of great significance during the internship period because I learned of doing various things from him. For instance, I learned from maim what I was supposed to do during the flyers show.  There are various benefits that I learned through internship experience for instance; I now fully understand the Affordable Care Act ( 1). Furthermore, I learned various skills in doing research and compiling reports after the research. It also enabled me to learn how to intercut with various people because I was required to go to the field and give information to various categories of people. Furthermore, I now understand how to prepare an ACA binder, and if I am to do it next time, I will do it to my perfection. Through interactions with my supervisor and other colleagues in the organization, I was able to improve on my social skills.

Assessment of Preparation for Internship

The class that best prepared me for my internship was HCR377 Health Care administration. The class evaluates various leadership and human resources theories, principles, concepts, and techniques used by healthy care managers to maximize effectiveness of workers. Topics studied in this course include roles and functions of human resources and management; job design, job analysis, job evaluation, recruitment and selection, training, and development, wage and benefit administration, and labor issues. This course was of great significance to my internship because it gave me an idea on how I would prepare an ACA binder. This class was the best because it enabled me acquire knowledge and skills as far as site development is concerned.

Some of the activities that I wish I would have done before internship include finding relevant articles about health insurance, training and enrollment. This would have made my work easier because the main activity that I would do would be to embark on my work. Other activities include getting information about Affordable Care Act that would enable me to develop the site in the shortest time possible. The changes that would have strengthened my internship experience include collaborating with colleagues in the organization who were experienced in site development. This would strengthen my experience during the internship because I would acquire some skills and knowledge from them with regard to site development.

Activities Log Summary

I began my internship at Hamilton Community Health Network outreach Department; I was working with three other people who always help me when I wanted assistance ort information about something. We spent two days discussing about the objectives and goals that we intended to attain during my internship. There were various activities that I completed when I was doing my internship for instance; I attended an event called Hispanic Latino Collaborative in Genesee County, MI. The main objective of this event was to create awareness to people about services, location offered at HCHN. Additionally, we informed people about insurance companies accepted by our healthy network. I also had an opportunity to visit Hamilton Clinic in Burton. I observed three sections in the clinic and they included: dentist Clinic, Medical, and Pharmacy. During my observation, I had to take notes about what way taking place and reactions of patients in the clinic. I also observed that some of the patients were content with the services that they were given while others were not satisfied with the services. For instance, patients in Medical section were satisfied than patients in the Dentist Clinic. I also realized that patients who went to the pharmacy did not take a lot of time to be attended to compared with other clinics because pharmacists usually receive patients’ prescriptions from doctors prior to the patient visit. I also actively participated in enrolling various people in health insurance applications. I did this work in collaboration with my preceptor because he used to carry out his activities in Hamilton and I liked the place very much. Whatever I learned in class was in line with what I was doing in the field.

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