Sample Essay on Catholic Views on Marriage and Divorce

Catholic Views on Marriage and Divorce

Catholic views on marriage and divorce have made many people angry with the Church. Catholic views marriage as a covenant that a woman and a man establish that binds them in a life partnership. Catholics view marriage as a vocation that fosters good of a man and woman while naturally leading to procreation and children education. In the view of Catholics, marriage is and should be a sacrament.

For marriage to occur in the view of Catholics, certain elements have to be brought together. For instance, a Catholic couple has to be ordinarily married in the Catholic Church by a priest. They must choose to enter into a marriage knowingly and freely. They must also know what exactly the marriage is and be ready to be in it for their entire life. Mutual good and fidelity must be the intention of the spouses.

Psychological and physical ability of the spouses should also be in good condition. According to Catholics, marriage is a sacramental and indissoluble union that God established for the first time at the Garden of Eden when He created Even for Adam to be his helper. The view of Catholics on marriage is that it is an enduring union that established a bond that cannot be broken. Even if civil government ceases to recognize marriage through a divorce, the marriage shall continue to exist if the partners were married through a Catholic Church wedding.

Christians married via a Catholic Church wedding are brought together by a bond that makes two individuals one in the marriage sacrament. This is explained by the teachings of Jesus that; “therefore, let no one separate what God has joined”. Catholics believe that no human power can break the bond made by God or the sacramental covenant made between a wife and husband in marriage.

Catholic views on divorce are that it is the only act that can hinder or affect the participation of an individual in the church. Although Catholic Church does not recognize civil divorce, divorced persons are allowed to receive Holly Communion. However, they must have good standing in the church and not have been remarried again. If they were in a previous marriage that was not recognized by the church, it must be annulled first.

Despite not recognizing divorce, Catholics support the persons affected by it. This entails encouraging them and guiding them on the right ways that will enable them remain close to their God.

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