Sample Essay on Causes of the French Indochina War

 Causes of the French Indochina War

The famous Indochina wars were the 20th century conflicts that took place in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with France as the main participant.  The French Indochina war was much profound and lingers in minds of many historians. It was the first Indochina war fought between December 1946 and august 1954. It was a battle between the Viet Ming and the French.  The war is usually referred to as the First Indochina war by the west and the Anti-French war in Vietnam. There are numerous long-term and short-term factors that citied to have caused the war.

At the end of the 19th century, France had conquered a number of key Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos regions instigating unrests and discord among the large populace of the French-controlled Southeast Asian empire. Luckily, the revolutionists were not organized and lacked coordination making it easy for the French forces to put them down. The Viet Minh led by revolutionist Ho Chi Minh were focused to attain power and be its own sovereign nation, but the French were backed by troops from China and Britain and restored French colonial rule.

Spurred by his desire of ruling sovereign nation, Ho Chi Minh and his supporters retaliated by attacking French Proofreading-Editingtroops in different positions mainly in Haiphong and Hanoi. Both sides went into an open battle in late 1946. Viet Minh took over the North Vietnam and established Hanoi as its capital city. The 1952 to 1953 invasion of French occupied Laos by the Viet Minh led to a decisive battle at the Dien Bien Phu where the French were defeated and withdrew from Vietnam. The Vietnam soldiers had learned from the French war experts and used most of the learned skills to prevail upon their enemy. On top of this, France had promised good pay and other fiefdoms promises that were later broken angering majority of the Vietnamese national army recruits and armies led by warlords.

Technology advancements also prompted the French Indochina war. The French troops were armed with great weaponry due to the great backing from allied forces in contrast to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam led by Ho Chi Minh. The DRV lacked airpower and naval forces whilst the France armies had everything on disposal. Fortunately, the DRV maintained the guerilla strategy against the French forces. Their hit and run strategy worked miracle as they easily overwhelmed the French troops in many incidents.

After the defeat at the Dien Bien Phu, the French troops had to withdraw and Vietnam was partitioned into a Northern Communist [DRV] and the Southern democracy. A general election was to be held on 1956 in which the population will decide on the future of the nation. There were numerous territorial changes that place across Southeastern Asia, Laos nations and Cambodia. Political consequences hit the world pushing for the culmination of any imminent wars. Security was enhanced within Vietnam and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the nations could not evade economic strain but many citizens turned to consistent and military jobs to earn a living. France on the other hand was able to endure from its debts from the war and its GNP started to grow rapidly.

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