Sample Essay on Cellular Respiration

 Cellular Respiration

Cellular respiration refers to a set of metabolic processes and reactions that occurs in the cells of living organisms resulting in the conversion of biochemical energy from the consumed nutrients into the adenosine triphosphate or ATP as well as the release of waste products.

Reactions that are involved in cellular respiration are known as the catabolic reactions and they break down large molecules producing smaller molecules with production of energy during the process. During the process, the weak or high-energy bonds are usually replaced with stronger bonds of the end products. Cellular respiration is among the major ways via which cells get important energy that is needed to fuel their cellular activity.

Cellular respiration is regarded as being an exothermic redox reaction. This is because the entire raction comprises of smaller reactions as it takes place inside the body. Most of these reactions are redox reactions. However cellular respiration is technically a combustion reaction but it does not resemble a combustion reaction clearly when taking place in the living cells.

The difference is caused by the fact that cellular reaction takes place in different and independent steps. Thus, despite the overall cellular respiration reaction being a combustion reaction, there is no reaction in the entire process that comprises a combustion reaction.

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Among the nutrients that plant and animal cells use in the respiration process include amino acids, fatty acids and sugar as well as electron acceptor or oxidizing agent which is the molecular oxygen (O2).

Energy that is stored in the ATP which is a third group of phosphate and weakly bonded to other molecule can easily be broken down allowing for the formation of stronger bonds and thereby causing energy transfer for use by cells. This can then be used in driving the processes that require energy including locomotion, biosynthesis and molecules transportation across the cell membranes among others.

Thus, cellular respiration can be simplified as the process through which oxidation of biological fuels occur in inorganic electron receptor’s presence such as the oxygen producing high energy amounts that are required to drive huge or bulk ATP production.

Some microorganisms use aerobic respiration where neither the oxygen for aerobic respiration nor pyruvate derivatives for fermentation acts as the end electron acceptors. Instead, inorganic acceptors like nitrate or sulfate are used. These organisms are found in the unusual places like underwater caves and near lava shoot at the ocean’s bottom.

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