Sample Essay on Challenges Facing Agriculture in Britain

Challenges Facing Agriculture in Britain

There have been several challenges facing agriculture in Britain over the recent years. One of the major challenges that agriculture in Britain has been facing is the impact of the recent economic recession. As early as 2001, agriculture in Britain was in serious economic problems. Although agriculture has always been immune to financial situations in the country, the government imposed regulations that had far reaching impact on it.

In 2001, there was an outbreak of foot and mouth disease that affected the agricultural sector greatly. Meat imported from abroad was contaminated and it led to the slaughtering of more than six million animals. This had great negative impact on the agricultural sector. The outbreak left large landscape of land without animals to graze.

Another challenge that the agricultural sector in Britain has been facing is the declining output due to weakening of the Euro. This has caused a decline in the contribution of the agricultural sector to the Britain economy because continental exports are difficult to make with the fallen prices of agricultural products.

Swine fever combined with foot and mouth disease as well as the impact of recession has greatly affected exportation of agricultural produce from Britain. Consequently, these have impacted on the farmers who are demoralized and unwilling to maintain high agricultural production. Over the recent years, the impact of these factors has been depicted by the falling prices. Many sectors and regions where agriculture is practiced are generating negative or zero returns.


Farm incomes have fallen and this has subjected farmers to hardships. With low returns and demoralization, agriculture in Britain has continued to record low returns over the years. Some farmers have reduced their agricultural production while others have stopped certain farming activities. For instance, due to low milk prices many farmers have reduced their dairy cow herds.

The workforce in the Britain agricultural sector is collapsing. The average age of farmers in Britain is 59. Most farmers are retiring from farming without young people to replace them. Due to the low returns from agriculture, most young people are not willing to invest their time and resources in the sector.

There is also competition of agricultural produce from Britain agriculture. Cheap imports as well as regulations brought about animal welfare activists have affected the agricultural sector negatively. An area of agriculture that has been greatly affected by these activities is the pig industry. The cost of pig production in Britain has continued to increase while the income for farmers has continued to decrease with some large scale producers going bankrupt.

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