Sample Essay on Challenges Posed by Enterprise Applications

Challenges Posed by Enterprise Applications

Building enterprise applications is a major challenge and so is using them successfully. There are several management challenges that crop up and most of these make further complicate the usefulness of such enterprises.

These applications are heavily reliant on the intelligence of humans- humans must use reports and dashboards in order to learn from the collected data and decisions are managed with help of work lists as someone must log on and also act on the available list of items before continuation of the process.

Most of the monitoring and alerting functions are also focused on educating users on what has taken place rather than actually doing something. It is this reliance on humans that makes enterprise applications limiting because it means:

  • It limits the possibility of attaining a straight through process in any but simplest processes only.
  • Operations have to be monitored 24/7 and this also means staffing must be available around the clock
  • Operations need to be improved as well as high volume transactions with panalytic insights which is often impossible.

High total costs are another major challenge that is posed by enterprise applications and especially in terms of images (2)ownership. Other challenges that also crop up include difficulty when it comes to realization of strategic value as well as organizational change.

The good news is that these challenges can be easily addressed by just about anyone in an organization who is involved and familiar with the manner in which businesses operate today and how they should work tomorrow. A company is also supposed to invest money, and time in order to understand what the objectives of the business are first. In addition to this, a business should:

  • Study the application software of the enterprise
  • Have senior management that is committed to implementation
  • Encourage support from employees. Spend money and time to train and educate employees on the manner through which they should successfully use the system and how they can get the most from the system.

The challenges associated with enterprise applications not only make it impossible for organizations to maximize on value enterprise applications but also hinder progress in industries that have high decision level automation.

In order to get the most from enterprise applications, they should be able to operate independent of human intelligence and they should also respond automatically to events and this means acting without any reliance on humans.

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