Sample Essay on Christian Views on Marriage and Divorce

Christian Views on Marriage and Divorce

Christian views on marriage and divorce vary due to the high number of denominations in Christianity. However, there are common views that cut across the Christian community. Most Christians view marriage as a life commitment made by a woman and a man in a relationship. It is a life partnership that is bond by love and made richer and even deeper by sex.

Marriage is considered as providing the best context where children can be nurtured. It is also considered to be the best although many Christians say the only setting where sex is allowed. In a marriage ceremony, the groom and the bride must confirm their desire and willingness to be married to each other.

Christian views on marriage are based on the biblical story of Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden. According to Christian teachings, this was the first marriage. The views are enriched by the statement that God made before creating Eve that, a man should not be alone and God made Eve as a suitable helper for Adam.


Due to this, Christian churches have always emphasized on the need to nurture and protect marriages. During a wedding which marks the beginning of a marriage, the couple promises each other before the church that they will stay together for richer or poor, for better or worse and in health and sickness. They take each other to love and cherish forever.

Marriage is affirmed and honored among Christians although it is not suggested to everyone like in Islam. The bible describes singleness as a gift with its flexibility and freedom. Jesus himself who founded Christianity was not married. Marriage vows are viewed as being unbreakable by most Christians. This causes different Christian views on divorce.

Just like homosexuality, divorce is an issue that many Christians are not clear about. Christians who have more conservative views such as the Roman Catholics believe that marriage vows should not be broken. The conclusion of these Christians is that even if there are distressing circumstances that force a married couple to separate, they still remain married.

However, there are Christian who accept divorce and they view it as the best option in some circumstances. For instance, some Christians believe that divorce is the best option that relieves a partner from intolerable oppression, desertion and unfaithfulness. According to the view of these Christians on divorce, God prefers that women and men separate formally because He wants people to lead a good and fulfilling life. These are Christians who consider themselves as having more liberal view and understanding of Christian faith.

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