Sample Essay on Civil Rights

Civil Rights

In my opinion, majority of organizations are part of the pioneer components that is incorporated in the civil rights associations based in Unite States. The reason is because this constituent incorporated a long term movement that began from 1890s to 1960s.  This also took place when numerous and different organizations were still trying to attain sociopolitical freedom and equality in meeting the rights of the minority.

As a result, movements such as Marcus Garvey’s UNIA, and labor participated in a significant role to sensitize, support and inspire this active struggle. The minority groups were also part of the group with a huge population of black people.  They influenced both legal and political policies to promote civil rights. Secondly, the crucial features of this movement were also about the edict’s strings from the Supreme Court. The decisions made by the Supreme Court in United States since 1890 to 19th centaury addressed vital cases.

The role of these cases in the movement is when they articulated on the civil rights and socio political status of the nation. Other courts within US also addressed and enforced civil rights among different movements. It was clear in their verdicts and interpretation of the constitution.  The decisions by the courts motivated the firms to act on a legal basis as they enforced the civil rights. Furthermore, the jurisdiction system in US emphasizes on the verdicts by ensuring that they incorporate and allow the society to embrace them.

The third essential factor in the movement is when it allows primary leaders of firms and general leaders to embrace inspirational duties that will guide then in their struggle. For instance, Luther King is a leader who gave inspirational speech in his movement to emphasize on civil rights. Being part of activism and facing confrontation with courage facilitated the urge among leaders to struggle for civil rights in society.


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