Sample Essay on Client Server Computing

Client Server Computing

Client server computing is a term that describes computing model in which server computers and client communicate over a network. The server takes requests from the client’s computers then it shares the applications, data and/or resources with more or one client computer that is on the network. Client refers to the computing devices initiating server contact with a source that is shareable.

The first client server computing was introduced in the 70s at Xerox PARC and today, there is highly advanced computing networks available. In this kind of computing, large modules do not necessarily need to be executed within similar memory space.

Servers and clients have to run separately on the appropriate software and hardware platforms for them to carry out their functions appropriately. For instance, database system services management systems that run on platform are configured and designed to carry out queries or file servers that run on platforms that have special file management elements.

Client server computing can be divided into 3 major components which include:

  • Client server process which managed user interface of the application validates data provided by user and Proofreading-Editingdispatches to server programs the requests. This is also the application the user is able to interact with and see. In addition to this, the client process is also able to manage local resources users interact with and this includes the keyboard, CPU, monitor and workstation among other peripherals.
  • Server process fulfills client request by carrying out requested service. Once the server gets requests from the client, it proceeds to execute retrieval of database, manage integrity of data, carry out updates then dispatch the responses to clients.
  • Finally, there is middleware which makes it possible for applications to communicate transparently with other programs or process despite of location. The Network Operating System (NOS) is the major Middleware element and it offers services which include distribution, routing, network management and messaging service. NOS also rely on protocols of communication to provide services that are specific. After establishment of physical connection and selection of transport protocols, it is necessary to get client server protocol before the use is able to access network services. Client server protocol determines how clients request information as well as the servers offered by a server. What is more, it also determines the manner in which the request is replied by the server.

Client server computing is usually applied in businesses. The need for this type of computing has arisen from the change of business needs. Today, most businesses need systems that are responsive, flexible, comprehensive and integrated in order to support the processes carried out. It is precisely for these reasons that client server computing has become so population and while it will continue to be a favorite for many businesses.

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