Sample Essay on Co-Teaching Project

Co-Teaching Project

Co-teaching refers to a delivery approach that incorporates instructions. Tutors of this project divide their duties by planning on their instructional approaches and schedules for learners. Co-teaching incorporates more than two instructors who dedicate themselves with purpose of assisting students to achieve both their social and educational objectives.

It is vital to note that co-teaching motivates tutors to improve on education quality that they offer to learners. It is a practice that demands for tutors to impart learners with skills that they require to be useful in society in future (Perez, 2012). This serves as a reliable strategy that enables the unfortunate students in society to access education. Co-teaching incorporates different approaches that include one tutor one support. This approach incorporates two teachers whereby one is allowed to teach while the other aid students to accomplish their personal needs.

Station is the next strategy of teaching that divides the class into small groups that are each managed by a tutor. Team teaching is another technique that incorporate teachers who plan and share instructions. This helps them to engage students in a discussion that they conduct at the same moment. Research and philosophy has also validated co-teaching project. This approach asserts that children require both social and educational needs. Additionally, strategies that are essential in addressing co-teaching include training of teachers. It is also important to ensure that students learn in an environment that is friendly. This is beneficial because it enables the tutors to understand the needs of learners.

The following table exhibit advantages and disadvantages of co-teaching;



Advantages Disadvantages
  1. It positively influences the students to learn
  1. Subjects students to carry burdens of others
  1. Promotes collaborative and interpersonal skills
  1. It can make tutors and learners to conflict
  1. Learners benefit from each other
  1. Fast learners makes it hard for others to concentrate
  1. Enhances equality
  1. Bright students feel superior over others
  1. Promotes quality education
  1. Promotes laziness among tutors



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