Sample Essay on Coalescent Theory

Coalescent Theory

Coalescent theory is a term used in genetics and is a demonstration of population genetics model. The theory attempts to trace allele of genes that are shared by all population members to one ancestral copy which is referred to as MRCA (most recent common ancestor).

Sometimes, the MRCA is also known as the coancestor for purposes of emphasizing coalescent relationship. Inheritance relationships that exist between alleles are also typically represented in gene genealogy which is similar to phylogenetic tree. There are varying basis that aid in understanding of statistical properties of coalescent theory.

Coalescent runs genetic drift models backward for purposes of investigating antecedents’ genealogy. In simple instances, coalescent theory makes the assumption of no natural selection, no recombination as well as no population structure or no gene flow. Coalescent theory advances however make room for extension to basic coalescent and might include selection, recombination and practically any complex arbitrarily demographic or evolutionary model in genetic population analysis. John Kingman is responsible for developing the original coalescent mathematical theory during the start of the 1980s.

Take into consideration 2 dissimilar haploid orgasms that differ at single nucleotide. Through tracing ancestry of the 2 individuals backwards, it is possible to arrive at a point when MRCA is encountered and in such instances, the 2 Proofreading-Editinglineages must be coalesced.

An analysis that is based on this theory aims at predicting the time that elapses between mutation introduction and the arising of a specific gene or allele distribution within a population. The time duration is equaled to the duration within which the common, most recent ancestor existed.

The probability of 2 lineages that coalesce in the immediate preceding generation sets the probability that both could share the same parental DNA sequence. In application of this theory, population biologists will evaluate the gene pool and all alleles that are available in a population. After doing this, they begin the process of tracing the allele origin through time in order to establish where it all started. Often, alleles are traced through different lineages on phylogenetic tree for purposes of establishing exactly where they join or coalesce together. Traits coalesce at the point where the most common, recent ancestor is.

Coalescent theory is also used for purposes of modeling amount of DNA variation sequence anticipated from genetic mutation and drift. The value is referred to as heterozygosity and is calculated as probability of mutation arising at a specific generation that is divided by probability of that generation’s event.

As understanding and technology of coalescent theory continues to be available readily, it becomes necessary to tweak mathematical model accompanying the model. Such changes make it possible for complex and inhibitive issues related to population biology to be effectively addressed.

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